The Liebster Award

First off, and most importantly, thank you Emma @It’s a Reader’s Life for nominating me! Click on that link to her blog, for (seriously addictive) bookish posts!

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions they wrote for you.
  3. Nominate 11 people.
  4. Give them your set of 11 questions to answer.

Emma’s Questions:

Why did you start a blog?

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My little sister started a blog for baking, and I thought: ‘Oh that’s so cool! I think I want to make a blog too!’ My mom suggested the idea of running a reading blog, and so it was decided I guess.

If you could have dinner with any author, who would you choose and why?

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E. Lockhart. Her novel, We Were Liars, is so clever and artfully put together; I would die to hear where her inspiration came from. In addition, there is the whole ghosts or hallucinations theory debate, and I would love to hear her input on that. Lastly, her story behind why she picked that title, because apparently the publishers made her get rid of the chapter that explained it since it was too ‘dull’.

What’s your favourite season to read in?

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Summer! I am a huge fan of winter, but I love going outside in the warm weather with a cold drink, to just chill on the patio or even the beach, while reading a good book.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

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I volunteer at this science center (it’s right on the coast) during the summer. I did it for high school volunteering hours last summer, and worked at the touch tank. If you don’t know, it is a clear tank full of tide pool animals like star fish or hermit crabs that visitors can touch or hold. It became pretty un-amusing by the end of August. Over Christmas break I helped with the kindergarten camp, and that was really fun so I plan on doing that instead, this summer.

Whats your favourite genre and why?

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Young Adult fiction as a genre. More specifically I prefer books that jump back and forth through time, and are like a puzzle that you don’t piece together until the end. I find it amusing to reread it and feel like a genius when I connect the dots hahaha.

Apart from reading and blogging, what do you do in your spare time?

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Um, is it bad to say that I think that is where all my time goes? Just kidding, but that’s almost true! I do gymnastics competitively all year round, volleyball in the fall, skiing in the winter, and track in the spring (I’m kinda only in it for the hurdles and hanging out with friends). I also have a passion for sketching, but it’s died off a little lately, with blogging and school.

Where are you from?

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New England. A lot of bloggers I meet are from the UK, and I’m so jealous of you guys, because (ok this will sound pretty stupid but) words are spelled so much prettier your way. ‘Favorite’ ew. ‘Favourite’ PERFECTION. Hmm I guess I’m a little OCD about the way things are spelled??

Film and TV adaptations. Yay or no?

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Mostly yes. I love seeing books come to life, it’s amazing. It’s just books that I die hard love, that I don’t like to see the movie/tv show. I’m still scared to see the Book Thief!

If you could live in any country, where would you live?

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Switzerland would be awesome (just for the skiing haha), but I’d rather stay in the US, and go to Northern California. In between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Well, now you all know where to stalk me in a few decades.

10. Do you have a fictional bf/gf?

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Duh. It’s the one and only Gat Patil. Ugh he’s so perfect I wouldn’t be surprised if I died a lonely widow. Nobody can live up to him, sorry. (I’m probably scaring my parents)

Whats your favourite thing about the blogging community?

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Interacting with other bloggers, and meeting people from around the world. It’s so amazing.

My Questions:

March Uppercase Unboxing


Welcome to my very first unboxing post! There might be more to come, but I find subscription boxes kinda expensive, so then again, maybe not. I had been super excited for this to arrive for the past month, especially since it’s my very first piece of book sub mail! Anyways, I can’t wait to show you guys what came in the March Uppercase box (well, bag lol)…Oh yeah, and overall I definitely recommend this, because it’s a fair price and comes with awesome stuff!


IMG_5986.JPGSigned Copy of Hunted // Meagan Spooner

What is more fitting than this retelling of Beauty and the Beast,  considering the film (based on the original story)recently came out?! The book follows a young girl named Yeva, who’s father is the closest hunter to undiscovering the Beast’s secrets; at least until he goes missing in the forest one day. Yeva is set out to hunt down her father and his prey. She follows the creature back to it’s mythical home that is destined to bring ruin, and will eventually take down either the Beauty or the Beast.

A beauty deadlier than the beast.


So these are all the small bookish items that came in the bag: One ‘Book Hoarder’ sticker, Jane Austen socks, gold foil art, and lastly, two (paper) Bookmarks. Everything is super cute, and I’m glad it’s not just junky stuff that’ll sit around my bedroom; if you know what I mean?

On the socks, there is a quote that reads: “I declare that after all there is no enjoyment like books.” I love them! (I’m actually writing this wearing them lol) The gold foil art is a illustration of a stack of classic books, and I can’t wait to frame it above my bookshelf!

What’s your favorite retelling of a classic?

We Were Liars//e. lockhart


Publisher: Delacorte Press

Publication date: May 14th, 2014

Pages: 242

Hello! I actually read this book a LONG time ago, but I re-read it all the time. When I wrote the review for this book a year ago, I hadn’t fully comprehended it. Here you have my slightly wittier and more polished version: Oh and the Deluxe Edition is being released this May!!



“We are Sinclairs.

No one is needy.

No one is wrong.

We live, at least in the summertime, on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts.

Perhaps that is all you need to know.

Except that some of us are liars.”

~e. lockhart, We Were Liars



This may sound strange, but despite that this is my absolute favorite book, I’ll won’t deny that it has it’s flaws of course. It’s not specifically the deaths that are chosen which bother me (I don’t really complain about those) but rather a character’s change of personality every so often.

The universe is seeming really huge right now. I need something to hold on to.

If Gat weren’t in the story, I honestly don’t think this would be my favorite book. He literally holds the best character I’ve ever found in any novel. Cady doesn’t even deserve him, but you do have to acknowledge what she’s suffering from throughout most of the book, and not think “Cady’s an idiot. Why would anyone burn down their grandpa’s house?” You’ll recognize E. Lockhart’s  writing style as simplistic although soon you’ll have to give it some thought; it’s not the type of book you can necessarily mentally whiz through.

If you want to live where people are not afraid of mice, you must give up living in palaces.

Cadence is often viewed as selfish, which leads to many poor ratings, and I know she is. But it’s bigger than that; you could look at the summary of the book and easily say it’s awful, but you have to comprehend the writing to enjoy it. Depending on how you look at it, this novel tends to have a love/hate reaction.

Do not accept an evil you can change.

Loved or hated it?


Thriftbooks Haul: $3 books exist!?

BOOKWORMS ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF BUYING PERFECTLY PRISTINE BOOKS FOR $20 EACH? If this describes you, here’s your solution to saving a lot of money…

Um so what is this-Thrift Books is an online company that sells some of the cheapest used and even new books that you’ll probably ever find. Over seven million novels of every genre are there for purchase. You’re probably worried that you’ll receive a trashy, thoroughly used book that has been through a laundry washer and was bought in 1972. Well, lucky for us, that’s not the deal.

You can access the condition of the books you are buying, so you know what to expect, and everything else is basically like purchasing from Barnes and Noble. The shipping is FREE. That’s huge, because although you can buy used books from B&N, the shipping is absolutely ridiculous.

Um so what is this- (1).png

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling (I know, I know I’m awful)

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (Might hate it but have to at least give it a try)

We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach

=$18.49 worth of five novels that were on in good condition with the exception of an occasional fold or other small signs of wear. I bought all books in the ‘ACCEPTABLE’ condition, besides Harry Potter and The Fault in Our Stars which were ‘LIKE NEW’.

Where do you buy your books?



The Cramm Award


Hello everyone! Very recently I was nominated for the Cramm Award by Rainbow Girl @BorntoBeMe , and decided to write the post right away (shocker, I’m usually pretty bad doing tags lol). So go ahead an swing by her blog, and also Liv @theCramm, who created this award!

Rules (because we need them):

  • Include that tidbit about who created this awesome award (With link)
  • Mention the person who nominated you
  • Share three things that motivate you to blog
  • Share three people who inspire you to blog
  • Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world
  • Answer your challenge question
  • Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a fun ‘challenge question

Three things that motivate me to blog:

  1. This is a super lame reason but it makes me feel really busy and gives me something to do that is actually productive. I’d rather write on my blog than watch tv any day!
  2. I get to meet all of you awesome people who I can share my love for books with. Yeah that is basically what makes it so fun. I didn’t know that, whatsoever when I first entered the world of WordPress blogging, but also, reading other blogs is so fun and inspirational.
  3. BOOKS, DUH. Whenever I finish one, I have this feeling built inside of me ever since I started blogging that I HAVE to go rant about it right away hehe.

Three people that motivate me to blog:

  1. How about Meghan @Bookslayerreads? First off thank you for commenting on my blog posts all the time, back when I had absolutely no clue what I was doing blogging. To be quick to the point, I would’ve been blogging to only myself without her, so thank you so much! Her blog is the best; she does a great job getting around the blogosphere and writes some of the best quality reviews out there!
  2. Farah @thegirlwithcoffe! The graphic design of her blog is gorgeous; the first moment you are on her page, the temptation to hit the follow button is incredible.
  3. Ava @SweetSaltyCupcakes! Ava had originally given me the idea to start a book blog when she had created her own beforehand. She publishes recipes and pictures of her delicious creations.

One thing I hope to do to change the world:

There a lot of things that I hope to do to change the world, but honestly I’m tell you a fairly minor one. If my blog ever became famous, I think it would be really impactful to review mostly books that make people aware of certain problems people are facing more commonly than you’d think, and prefer. Of course, I can still do that on my blog now, so why not start?

In three days, the internet will stop working. Permanently. No one can fix it. What do you do in those three days?

Whoa. Well.

This isn’t entirely a ‘strategic approach’, but I would satisfy my curiosity by asking any random questions I have about the world, that I may never know without the internet. I would also print out all my stories so I could continue them in notebooks. From then on I can see myself doing a two day all-nighter with my face in front of this computer screen. Even if there was someway to fix it, admittedly I would do the same thing given I’m not any sort of child prodigy yet 😉

My Challenge Question:

If you were forced to choose between losing an arm or never being able to use technology for the rest of your life, which would you prefer to sacrifice?

My Nominations:

Salmaaida @Lifeasatypicalgirl

Grace @Graceellenjones


May @ForeverandEverly

Newt @Scamander’ssuitcase

Thegeckoonline @Theverypunnyblog


Ivy and Em @Twogirlstwomountains

Stephanie and Angelica @Queenwolfsbookobsessions

Ava @Sweetsaltycupcakes


Draw My (bookish) Life: Sarah @betweenthepages

Hello bloggers! Today I’ll be sharing my very first booktube video, and I’m SO excited! Please do excuse my awful doodling skills and weird voice! I bought the whiteboard in the five dollar section at target about five years ago so it’s not great quality lol.

In advance thank you for watching :))

Have you considered booktubing/what is your existing channel? We’d love to check it out!


Popular Graphic Novels You’ll *Fly* Through

Hello readers! Let’s talk about a few graphic novels that are totally worth mentioning. I’ve found that graphic novels make a good break from regular reading, so it’s nice to pick one up every once in a while.

Image result for maximum ride manga 1



I used to be absolutely crazy for this series; it was probably my favorite book. Although, way back then I hadn’t read a whole lot of young adult novels, so who knows how good my judgment was lol?

Narae Lee’s artwork is truly amazing, and in addition she gets the same story across as the original novels but so much better. I own this series and I have re-read every book millions of times (not even an exaggeration)…

Image result for cardboard book



Cardboard takes you on an adventure as you flip through the pages. The entire story is absolutely brilliant, and there is great character development displayed throughout the book.

The author’s artwork is very distinguished from other graphic novels, and has a generally jagged design (which isn’t bad). Read this if you’re seeking action and excitement; I guarantee  it’ll take you places in your imagination.

Image result for sisters



I had enjoyed the first installment, Smile, but I must admit this was at least twice as good! It was humorous, and simply about Raina’s road trip with her siblings. There are a bunch of flashbacks, and Raina (the author) does a really nice job creating the younger versions of all the characters.

One of my favorite things about these books though, are that they’re real stories. And the thing is, she wasn’t anyone particularly famous before she wrote these books, but Raina simply wrote about her life, and benefited from combining that with her talent for literature and art!


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Help! Which Book Subscription Box?

Hey, what’s up fellow bookworms? Let’s discuss BOOK SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! I’ve been pondering whether or not to sign up for them, but before I do, I wanted other book lover’s opinions.

therightbrand1I’ll basically read any YA book you hand me, haha. Not that I limit myself to reading nothing other than this genre, but I generally prefer it. Almost all subscription boxes either are young adult or young adult is one of the options, so this hasn’t been hard to find.

therightbrand2Subscription boxes are *pretty* expensive, we all must admit. Although the thrill of a new book along with fun bookish items delivered to your doorstep every month, is definitely worth it. I’ve found that the prices can range from around 20-40 dollars, but usually hang at thirty. I’ve been looking for something that is under thirty,  that doesn’t only come with a book.
therightbrandThere are seriously so many brands to pick from! I read everyone’s unboxing posts all the time; I love learning about a new book sub brand, and the contents. I’ve found that Uppercase is twenty three USD per a box, and comes with a signed novel plus 1-2 bookish items…I’ve found this has been the best deal so far!

heartlineRecommend your favorite book subscription box!

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Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler


Publisher:Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Publication date: 12/03/2013

Pages: 368

“The Lemony Snicket author convincingly inhabits the mind of Min, a teenage girl reeling from her first heartbreak. This poignant, bittersweet novel centers on a box of objects infused with memories of her brief, unforgettable love.”


Image result for why we broke up box

This is the box, Ed.

Inside is everything.

Two bottle caps,

a movie ticket from Greta in the Wild,

a note from you,

a box of matches,

your protractor,

Joan’s book,

the stolen sugar,

a toy truck,

those ugly earrings,

a comb from the motel,

and the rest of it.

This is it, Ed.

The whole story of why we broke up.

The thing is with your heart’s desire is that your heart doesn’t even know what it desires until it turns up. -Daniel Handler, Why We Broke Up


fullstarrating fullstarrating fullstarrating

For the record, I’ve never been very interested in contemporary novels (unless it’s Morgan Matson). But even Matson’s books aren’t solely romance; they’re focused around family and friendships also. When it’s not, things just gets tiring for me…I reached about three quarters through until I skipped to read one of the last chapters (I know, awful). On the contrary, Handler’s writing itself is some of the best I’ve ever found in a young adult novel, but the topic just wasn’t in my interest.

propinholeImage result for greta in the wild

I didn’t find Min very likable at all; Ed, and Al (her best friend) were okay, but everyone else in the book was basically just a major side character. Of course, because Min is narrating the story about every item in the box, the book is generally very focused around those three characters, which makes sense I guess. Besides that, the whole box idea is really unique and wonderful, and so was the artwork; those things were basically what motivated me to pick up Why We Broke Up. As Asia @LostArtofReading put it..I think it might’ve been me, not the book this time.

♥ Share your opinion on the novel ♥

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Let’s welcome this new blogger

Review coming Soon.jpg

Hey awesome readers! I’m feeling so off track lately; I have so many books to review, but have been avoiding doing so with tags, and whatever….But hey, I’ll be releasing the review for the Printz award winning novel Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler on Valentines Day!

Without further ado let me introduce you to my best friend Kimberly’s new writing blog!

As I said before, she will be publishing her own short stories, as well as writing tips. Given she just started the blog a couple days ago, there isn’t a whole lot of content on it yet, although it’s not completely empty, so she’d appreciate it so much if you checked it out. (Remember when we first started our blogs, and how excited we’d be when we received some of our first likes or followers?!) Okay so that may have been sort of a guilt trip there, but I do have a valid point :))


So dear readers, please help give her blog a little jump start by CLICKING THE BUTTON above! P.S. I’d like to give a shout out to Emily @TheIslandofMe for checking out The Writing Recipes a couple days ago…Thank you!

Would you ever start a writing blog like Kimberly’s? Pssst! 10% off everything @Barnes & Noble…