The Legend Trioligy by Marie Lu


The Legend Series are one of my all time favorite books.  The topics of the story are based around government corruption, and the genre is adventure.


I give this series 4 1/2 stars because the beginning starts off slightly slow, and feels very predictable.  Although, not to far into the action, you suddenly begin to question what you thought was true, making it quite the attention grabber.  Infact, I read the entire series in nearly a week!  And although this series came close, it wasn’t my top favorite, so I’m saving 5 stars for that one!!

Troublemaker June Ispiris, becomes famous for being one of the smartest in the Republic, after achieving a perfect score on the test, which had never been done before.  She lives solely with her older brother Metias until he was mysteriously killed on a mission.  June is set out to crack the case, determined to find out who killed him, so she can seek revenge.

Day, the Republic’s most wanted criminal is the prime suspect of the murder, so June goes undercover to work with him, to find evidence that he is guilty.  But as some of the Republic’s dark secrets begin to unfold, June starts to question the ones she once was loyal to, and wonders if maybe she should stop faking working with Day.  Maybe the ones working with the Republic are the truly evil, and the criminal is truly the hero.

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