Alice in Wonderland Twists


Here are a few novels related to the amazing original movie Alice in Wonderland.  It tends to be a very interesting topic, when a twist is put on it…

Splintered by A.G. Howard

This novel is 3 1/2 stars because I really enjoyed the ending and you were easily pulled into it.  Although, about midway, I felt like the idea began to get slightly stretched.  I also got a little lost with all the crazy creatures and features (😅) of Wonderland.  In general, the storyline was great and totally unpredictable!


Ever since Alyssa Gardener’s great-great grandmother Alice Liddell visited Wonderland, every woman in her family has had a curse laid upon the.  The curse guarantees that they are all certifiably insane; for they take on strange habits like whispering to insects and being unable to control their rather strange actions.  Alyssa’s mother inherits all this madness, like all the others, and after watching her mother slowly lose herself, Alyssa decides to set out to put this whole wonderland curse to a stop.  For Alyssa fears most that she will slowly transform into her own mother; drowned in madness forever more.

With the help of her mother’s clues, she travels to Wonderland to rid her family of the curse, and accidently pulls her boyfriend Jeb into the madness with her.  When they arrive, they discover that the real Wonderland is a truly twisted place, and differs from Lewis Carroll’s magical story, Alice in Wonderland.  With the help of Alyssa’s long lost friend Morpheus, Alyssa and Jeb venture throughout Wonderland, to fix Alice’s mistakes, in order to rid the family curse.  But as Alyssa’s alys slowly unfold their secrets along with Wonderland itself, she realizes that she got herself into a mess much bigger than she imagined.  Maybe Wonderland isn’t as magical as Lewis Carroll made it seem to be, and he got the story all wrong.

Deceived by the world renown fairy tale Alyssa grew up with, she ventures throughout Wonderland submerged in curiousity, unaware of what deadly secrets it may hide.


Down the Rabbit Hole

I give this novel 4 stars, because it jumps into the mystery fairly quick. (3 if you dislike mystery novels, I am not huge fan of them myself, but this one was really good!)  The author did a very good job getting you intrigued in how the main character, Ingrid, figured out how to solve the mystery.  It was well written, a pretty quick read, and straight to the point.


Ingrid Levin-Hill loves to do theater, so she tries out for the lead of an Alice in Wonderland play.  She has to deal with her own everyday problems of course: her enemies, her friends, sports; the common stuff that most kids deal with.

Ingrid accidently visits the wrong house one day, which happened to be during a murder scene.  When she went to go back to go back to retrieve her prized shoes, investigators of the scene notice that they had suddenly disappeared.  She becomes guilty, because she went back for her shoes, which brought her deeper down into ‘the rabbit hole’.

Meanwhile, the play director becomes injured, and a new one takes place, which leaves the play in trouble.  But somehow, Ingrid feels that the play and the murder may have something in common…


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