The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

The Selection is literally a replica of The Hunger Games (I don’t need to do a review on that book, right?  Everyone should know that The Hunger Games obviously 5 stars!), except of course, with drama in substitute of violence.  In the summary you’ll notice that this is true.

Anyways, the first three books are great, but the author, Kiera, really should have stopped there.  I think that she may have dragged on the subject with The Heir (the 4th book), when as the title clearly displays, the story is retold but with the main character’s heir (Eadlyn).


This is a four star series because it the main idea of the Selection is great, but I wasn’t a fan of the rebellion stuff or whatever that came after that.  Anyways, this is another dystopian fiction novel, and if you like that then you should love this series. (Just keep in mind that it is meant to be more drama and a lot less action and adventure.)


America Singer lives in a society where it is broken up into eight castes.  America happens to live in five, one of the poorest castes, and unfortunately she has a family of seven to help take care of.  But when the Selection arrives, a competition where a group of girls are chosen to visit the palace and try to win over Prince Maxon’s heart, she wants nothing to do with it.  Although, America’s family is desperate for money, and she knows that entering the competition would be the perfect solution.

The chances that she’s picked is one in a million.  She dreads for her named to be called.  If America is chosen, everything will change for her and her family.  The problem is, is this change going to end up a happily ever after, or are those only found in storybooks?

Back to the Intro:

So obviously the Hunger Games has a lot in common with this book.  I mean, the main start off in a poor section of their society, and must enter life changing competitions.


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