Which YA novel comes next?

So I’m not like 1o0% sure how reliable this quiz thing is, (by reliable I mean if they recommend all good books) but when I tried it here were my results:

Screenshot (18).png

I’ve actually been wanting to read Shatter Me, and I know I’ll love it.  Although, I haven’t really tested it with other people yet, I did quiz myself a few times and the books seem good.  Yet, I’m honestly not quite sure how the book they selected for you is based off some of the questions (a few kind of random :D).

I’d say this is a pretty helpful (yet fun) resource to use if you are looking for a novel to read.  For myself, this quiz was head on correct, so please comment down below on how it worked out for you.

Click on the link below to find your perfect novel!!


Hope you enjoy & thanks for reading!

Opinions wanted

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