Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

I read this book because I was looking for something to read among YouTube, and I noticed that this book was commonly recommended.  Although it I had heard it is a good book, I couldn’t find it at the library, or at the Barnes & Noble store, so I ordered my own copy online.  I read it in around two weeks, so I obviously wasn’t consistently reading it.


I give Rebel Belle 3.5 stars because it was kind of weird, but don’t get me wrong, it was also good at the same time.  The characters were likable and all, but here’s the thing: when the main character gets these so called ‘super powers’, that’s when it gets weird. I mean you’ll kind of see what I’m talking about after you read the book, because the whole thing is actually complex and hard to explain without giving too much away.


Harper Price is a ‘peerless southern belle’, and when she is about to be crowned homecoming queen, something rather unexpected happens when she takes a visit in the school’s restroom.  That night she left with more than a tiara, because she now has super powers.

Her new powers come with responsibility though, because she is a now a paladin (guardian) now.  Paladins must protect one person with their life, and she finds out that that person is David Stark: her lifelong enemy.  But after she starts to really get to know him behind all his hatred, she learns that he may not be quite as bad as she’s always assumed he was.  Can Harper accept that her own destiny is already decided for her, and that she must give up her own life for David’s?  As she senses death around every corner, Harper realizes she may have to sacrifice herself much sooner than anyone had anticipated.



Opinions wanted

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