The Buddha Board

Wow, so I did not plan on doing an art section (obviously, since the name of my website specifically relates to none other than literature), although I really should have, since I love art.  Anyways, this is my very first art post, and there are definitely more to come!  Although this is more of a product review, I can assure you that my other art posts will be more based off of ideas and inspiration for your art.

I don’t know how many of you know about Buddha Boards, but prior to getting it, I had no idea it existed, so here I go…

Basically what this does, is you can paint with water on your Buddha board, and it will fade away in less than a minute.  It’s a reusable canvas, that you can use water to paint on!  If you are a fan of painting, you will be in love with this.  On a completely different note, I hate to admit it, but I don’t like to paint, and I still love it almost as much.  You’re probably wondering what this product does so down below are steps and a video I made.

  1.  Go to Barnes & Noble or buy it here:                         
  2. Get a glass of room temperature water
  3.  Dip your brush in it and paint!

Sorry, not the best quality video, but I hope you get the basic idea of it.  Thanks for reading!


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