Line Drawing

Wow, it’s already August, this summer has gone by in a flash :(.  I can’t stop myself from letting my brain wander to the start of school, and my summer assignments that remain untouched… Anyways, I’d way rather be doing this, and I wish that all the writing I do on here would count for English class!

I suppose this is my first real drawing post since the other was simply a product review.(Want more? Follow us!)  This type of drawing super easy and simple and although it doesn’t take much talent, it appears very clever.

So here is my attempt at it:


To do it, you have to lightly sketch the outline of someone and something, and then fill it in with horizontal lines (preferably with fine point sharpie).  When you’re finished just go back and erase the pencil lines and that’s all there is to it!  This piece took less than a half an hour to make.  I found the idea on Pinterest (of course!), and here is the example I followed while drawing my version:

دختر رنگی

Thank you for reading and please give line drawing a try!

Oh and by the way I hope you guys like the new logo, because it’s here to stay!

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