Books Left Unfinished

Hi guys! Today I was staring at my book shelves thinking how so many of my books I just decided to stop reading, for a variety of reasons (I also accidentally deleted all the photos on my website and took an hour fixing them).  I’ve left a numerous amount of books unfinished but today I’m going to be doing the ones I most regret putting down.

1)Life As We Knew It: I actually didn’t stop reading this voluntarily; instead I accidentally destroyed the book.  It’s funny because before then I had never ruined a book before, because I’m just always cautious with them (my books are totally sacred).  Anyways, I stupidly put this book in the same bag as my soaking wet swimsuit and all the pages were stuck together and ripping…you know the deal.  I might as well have dropped it in the pool.  So after a week when the book was totally dry but poofy and crinkly I had already started a new book.  I just never got back around to reading it (and I suppose a factoring reason is because hideous books are just so hard to read :))

Rating (judged from what I read): 

*Honestly, it was a pretty good book, but once I totally forgot about it, I decided it just wasn’t worth going back to.*


2)Illuminae: I checked this out from the library and read the first hundred pages in a day or two, but things just slowed down from there.  After that I kind of just read this book whenever, which wasn’t a lot.  I got about 1/3 into it, and by then it was due, but I didn’t love it anyways.  The set up of the book is very cool: it has letters, files, radio messages, small graphics, and whatnot, and the plot was fairly good.  Maybe I just reached a boring part because the beginning was great.  I am definitely rereading this book someday, because it really does seem good, but didn’t hold my interest at a certain point because I thought it was confusing.


*Definitely worth trying, just pay close attention I suppose, because it can be confusing.*The 5th Wave (Fifth Wave Series #1) 

3)The Fifth Wave:  I bought about 5-10 books at once, and I decided to read this one first.  It was good but the further I went into it, the more I wanted to read Rebel Belle.  So I did of course, but I didn’t stop there.  I read a few others after that and by the time I wanted to read The Fifth Wave again, I couldn’t remember half of what I’d read.  I want to keep reading it but I’d have to reread it all, and I certainly don’t have the patience for that.  I’m sorry if it seems like that I think all my books are around four stars!  


*Not too hard to finish, just some parts can be boring while others are action packed.*

4)The Maze Runner:  This book is pretty good I’d say; although it has been a while since I read it.  I almost finished this book until my friend showed me the movie and I decided I didn’t want to finish it anymore because the writing wasn’t good enough, which is important when end of the book is fairly predictable.  Maybe this book just wasn’t for me because it’s awfully popular.


*A very popular read that you should try, just remember: book before movie!* 


Opinions wanted

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