The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

The Unexpected EverythingThe-unexpected-everything-9781481404549.in01

I decided I had to read this before the summer ended and was done with it by the end of the week!  This novel had been sitting on my shelf for an awfully long time, but once I was finished with the Mortal Instruments trilogy I picked up right away gladly.  The perfect summer read for sure!


I gave The Unexpected Everything 3.75 stars (yes, I know I like to be very exact with my ratings :)) because it certainly deserved better than ‘it was okay’, but definitely not a favorite.

Thankfully the novel itself matches the excellence of the cover.  I really liked Andie’s (the main character) friend group, where each character has a really well defined personality. The only character I seemed to not like was Toby just because near the end of the book she got really dramatic.

Some puppies are thrown in and voila, the book becomes great :).  The plot of the book was good too, although at some points it may have been dragged a little,  making the book the overly long length it is.  Overall it is great and I think that you won’t have much trouble finishing it.


Andie Walker has her entire summer planned out; that is until her father’s job as a congressman takes it all away.  She must sacrifice everything to make sure her father doesn’t look bad, even ordering a five dollar latte at Starbucks.  According to her dad, it’s to ensure that Andie doesna snobby rich daughter.  Despite that, she truly tries to do everything right, until she becomes flat-out sick of it, and wants her real father back in return for Congressman Walker.

While avoiding her father, she hangs out with her friends Bri, Toby, and Palmer, but as time passes, the group expands by three, leading to drama between them.  Can the new group stay in one solid piece by the end of the summer?

Meanwhile, Andie is desperately searching for a summer job, and that job truly leads to the summer of the unexpected everything.

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