DIY Paper Clip Book Mark (+CONTEST)

This paper clip heart makes a great bookmark and a cute way to hold your papers together.  Follow the pictures and instructions below in order to get this result!  This idea was given to me by Ava, and you can check out her website at the bottom of this page.  (See contest at end of post.)


Here we go…

IMG_1695.JPG Step One: Get any type of paper clip that is bendable.

IMG_1696  Step Two: Bend the top down so that it touches the other side.

IMG_1698 (1)  Step Three: Take the section you just bent and put it under the curved u-shape part in the center.

IMG_1699.JPG  Step Four: Bend both the left and right ends of the paper clip upwards, towards each other.

IMG_1701  Add any finishing touches and voila…you are done!

The Results:

The Contest

The first blogger to figure out what book was used in the pictures for displaying the heart clip will get a button that will go to their website at the bottom of this blog. (ex. the sweet & salty cupcakes one)

If you figure out the answer, please write it down below in the contact form. I will reach out to you as soon as possible if you win.

Good luck to everyone!  Hint hint,pictures…and READ:)  Evidence of what the answer is (in case you haven’t read the book) can be FOUND ON MY WEBSITE!


Opinions wanted

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