Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield


I confess that I actually read this a month or two ago, and I just recently had started to consider to do a review on it.  I want to try the Uglies series, even though I wasn’t a huge fan of this novel, because Uglies seems to have better praises.



Afterworlds was exceptionally good, but I felt that the length of it was dragged on quite a bit.  I read the first couple hundred pages with no problem, but by the time I reached around page 430/608 I had to be done. The first half was actually pretty great, but it just tended to get less interesting as I went on. The opening was the perfect way to grab an reader’s attention, so I had high expectations, and was disappointed because I couldn’t bring myself to even finish it.

What made this book unique, was how every other few chapters, you’d be reading about Darcy’s life, and then what’s happening in her novel. I enjoyed her novel much more than her writing-drama filled life, unfortunately.


Darcy Patel lives in New York City, while her new novel is in the making. She has the help of other authors along the way to get her novel to bookstores, as she adjusts to her new life. Darcy must face the challenge of getting her book through the publishing process, and that challenge partly consists of finding her novel’s perfect conclusion; tragic, or your classic happily-ever-after perfect ending?

Meanwhile, in Darcy’s novel Afterworlds, the main character, Lizzie enters the Afterworld after a sudden near death experience. “The Afterworld is a place between the living and the dead, and where many unsolved—and terrifying—stories need to be reconciled” (from Barnes and Noble Summary, couldn’t put a finger on how to describe it). While escaping real life to the Afterworld, she doesn’t realize the danger it holds, as she is determined to put her new found power to travel in between worlds to the greater good. Although Darcy soon discovers that her ability can be as deadly as it is powerful, because it can be all to easy to slip from in between worlds to one permanently, if she takes one, wrong, step.



2 thoughts on “Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield

  1. I read this book a year ago and I agree with you about how Darcy’s novel was more interesting. I thought that it was really interesting though, seeing her real life in one chapter and the next one is the novel she’s writing. I think it would’ve been better though if the book was just her novel as it intrigued me more.

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