Magazine Collages

Here we go, third post in one day! Have a lot of catalog junk mail? Well it doesn’t all have to go in the recycling bin because you’d honestly be surprised what you can make with them. (Yes, I know, that sounded like a lame advertisement but whatever.) Anyways, I just wanted to share with you a few examples I created, plus a great way to incorporate this into your back-to-school supplies. (Yes, I know, it’s sort of depressing. You guys probably already get enough back-to-school youtube videos in your inbox.)

IMG_1828.JPG         IMG_1829.JPG

*Note: (The overpriced) Washi Tape can be useful making collages (ex. right image)*

Or… use magazines to cut out triangles and put them together on a notebook with a glue stick, modpodge, and scissors. Just glue on the triangles than cover it a layer of modpodge; quite simple if you ask me. I can’t say the same about cutting out those perfect triangles though :(…

Image result for collage notebook coverImage result for collage notebook cover


Luckily it’s not one of those projects, but we must admit that this applies to many DIYs 🙂

That’s it for this very short post, so go outside and enjoy those last moments of summer  until fall arrives. (Well, unless you live in Australia.)


Opinions wanted

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