Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

As ridiculous as it sounds, I felt so neglected to post this because now that adorable puppy picture above my last book review, The Unexpected Everything, will no longer be on my home page!  Anywaysdespite that, I’m enjoying writing this review because this book was fabulous. This review is only for the first book in the trilogy, Red Queen, not Glass Sword too (sorry!). As you may have noticed, I have not done any book reviews for book sequels. I may get there at some point, but for now I feel it’s not incredibly necessary because usually I get carried away with a series whether or not the reviews say the sequel is good…I hope that makes sense, although you’re probably thinking it does not!


4.25 STARS

You may have realized that I have a serious obsession with rating books 4.25 stars, but I swear, I do not rate all my books this (only like half). I rate my books averaged upon the goodreads rating and my own, to make sure it’s at least relatively accurate.

This books is the perfect fantasy YA novel! It is relatively similar to The Selection: both based around a poor girl who protects her sister, and then they suddenly become royalty, under unfortunate circumstances but then lead to good things happening. So if you like that novel or fantasy, I’m sure you’ll be a fan of Red Queen.


Mare Barrow struggles to help keep her family safe and alive, but she unfortunately has no talent, which means no job. The only way she can help is stealing, that is until her conscription arrives. Mare is one of the red blooded people; the silver blood look down upon them, and call themselves gods, because of their powers. They leave nothing for the reds, as they live their lives greedily in riches.

On everyone’s 18th birthday, they are sent to war, as the silvers call conscription, and few survive it. Before that day comes, unexepectedly, Mare is taken to the palace where she becomes a servant for the silvers. She soon learns she is unique and may not fit in either category  of red or silver blood, which is a dangerous trait to have since it ruins the system of government, ruled by the silvers. Mare learns that different is more dangerous than you’d think.

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