B.V.I. Photography

Hi, so this is my first photography post! I know that is already almost September but I might as well jump back and cover since my blog started. I’ll be doing my photography posts by season, so one post for each, but I’ll probably do extra for any vacations or whatever. I do not take all the photos on my blog, but all the ones in the photography section are mine.

So here are some pics from visiting the British Virgin Islands:

IMG_0606 (1)

I’m no flower expert, but this is a pink hibiscus (I’m guessing) from when my sister and I were bored so we decided to take pictures of the oh-so exotic flowers at the resort. 🙂


The nearly crystal-clear turquoise water that I decided to draw on with one of the photo editing apps on my phone.


A picture taken on a ferry ride of Tortola.


A bare and a extremely furry palm tree sitting right next to each other in front of the building.


The beach on Peter Island; talk about your perfect paradise.


And then your view on the hammock of the luscious green palm trees swaying in the wind.


More resort flowers. 😉


Our sailboats final destination at the Moorings. 😦


Ending with one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip: the boardwalk lining the ocean on the Bitterend.

*Well, there goes my plan of making a nice post ending, finishing it with that island.* I hope you liked my pictures guys!

See you(‘re blogs) around,

Sarah 🙂

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