Summer Photography

These are some photos of my summer, including my trip to Mont-Tremblant, Québec. I have a lot of pictures of this summer’s flowers too, so that will be in a separate post.

*All the photos below were taken by myself*


This is the view from a restaurant on the dock, overlooking the calm waters of the harbor.


I took this after dinner, on my way back to the car; a nice perspective of the harbor from the side.


Stopped to get a smoothie on my way down to the beach! I especially like how the sky fades from white to blue in this photo.


A fifty foot baby humpback whale washed ashore the beach this summer. They eventually donated the skeleton to a science museum. Sad but fascinating.


Fourth of July fireworks!! Not a great quality photo obviously, but still cool.


A view of the village from the hotel room in Mont-Tremblant. The array of different colored buildings stand out nicely.


The slightly wavy pool water with streams of sunlight flooding the water.


The sculpin fish I greet each morning I volunteer at the science center. It’s a very interesting fish, especially when it opens it’s mouth…


My favorite: This was also taken it Mont-Tremblant, but on the lake at sunset. The mountains are silhouetted by the sunset in the background, which slightly reflects on the water.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you liked my summer photography. This isn’t all though; I’ll try to post my summer flower photography soon.


Opinions wanted

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