Top Monthly Reads: August 2016

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the last month of summer outdoors, while squeezing in some great reads:(.  Here’s a reminder of what these posts consist of: whenever a new month starts I will be recapping the best books I’ve read in the month prior to now. I have copy and pasted the summaries from my book reviews in here, along with a link to the full review below it.

Red Queen (Red Queen Series #1)The Unexpected EverythingImage result for when parents text

1.Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

*For fans of fantasy and The Selection, this is the perfect read.*

Mare Barrow struggles to help keep her family safe and alive, but she unfortunately has no talent, which means no job. The only way she can help is stealing, that is until her conscription arrives. Mare is one of the red blooded people; the silver blood look down upon them, and call themselves gods, because of their powers. They leave nothing for the reds, as they live their lives greedily in riches.

On everyone’s 18th birthday, they are sent to war, as the silvers call conscription, and few survive it. Before that day comes, unexepectedly, Mare is taken to the palace where she becomes a servant for the silvers. She soon learns she is unique and may not fit in either category  of red or silver blood, which is a dangerous trait to have since it ruins the system of government, ruled by the silvers. Mare learns that different is more dangerous than you’d think.

2.The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

*Great summer read, and even the cover of this novel is appealing!*

Andie Walker has her entire summer planned out; that is until her father’s job as a congressman takes it all away.  She must sacrifice everything to make sure her father doesn’t look bad, even ordering a five dollar latte at Starbucks.  According to her dad, it’s to ensure that Andie isn’t a snobby rich daughter.  Despite that, she truly tries to do everything right, until she becomes flat-out sick of it, and wants her real father back in return for Congressman Walker.

While avoiding her father, she hangs out with her friends Bri, Toby, and Palmer, but as time passes, the group expands by three, leading to drama between them.  Can the new group stay in one solid piece by the end of the summer?

Meanwhile, Andie is desperately searching for a summer job, and that job truly leads to the summer of the unexpected everything.

3.When Parents Text by Lauren Kaelin & Sophie Fraioli

*So funny, you should check this book out, or visit the website.*

This novel is packed with hilarious texts between parents and their kids. It includes chapters such as Harry Potter, Dreams, Pets, Mealtimes, etc. Here are a few that I found (because there is no ‘real’ summary for this book):

Image result for when parents textImage result for when parents textImage result for when parents textImage result for when parents text

When Parents Text Post coming soon!

Thanks for checking out my top monthly reads post, even though I unfortunately didn’t get to too many book reviews. 😦





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