‘KYHM’ Writing Method

Hi, so I haven’t done a writing post in a loooong time! I was just staring at the home page of my website and was like: if it’s called reading AND writing posts than I better get moving on the writing part of my website, because I’m seriously lagging with these posts. I decided to talk about something I did in writing camp at a college over the summer. It was a week long, and a great way to practice my writing.

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What it is: The KYHM (Keep Your Hands Moving) method was when you had to write for around 5 minutes with NO STOPPING.

My commentary on it: I personally actually didn’t really like this a whole lot. Partly because I much rather prefer typing over using a pen and paper, because I got some major hand cramps, ha ha… I wrote a terrible story, because when pressured to write, the ideas go into hiding :(. I suppose it could be a good way to get you going, to just see what pops into your head if you have nothing to write about though.


  • Writer’s Block
  • The opposite: if you have a really great idea and need to get down all you can on paper
  • I really don’t know; if you’re bored? Just keep writing. (Oh my gosh it’s like from finding dory except the writing version😂) Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing. 🐠🎵

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This is basically just a writing challenge thing, and I found that a lot of funny things come from it because you don’t know what to write but you have to write, so it is an interesting experiment to try.


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