Summer Flower Photography

Hey guys, I am finally doing my flower photography post that I had promised! So this is actually going to be quite short because I took all of these photos in my yard :). Let’s just dive on into this post now…


These photos are a close up of the hydrangeas, in which each flower is in a different stage of blossoming. I’m practically in love with this photo, and I put two filters on it, which I both like, so I’m just showing you guys both of them.


The very vibrant green hue of the leaves make the white flower stand out nicely.


The way the leaves on this plant are shaped, make them look like little evergreen trees from up above :).


The Pretty Lady flower I’m growing in my bedroom. About three of the flowers had just recently fallen off :(, although they were very old ones.


This tree blossoms probably a couple hundred flowers each year, which also means a couple hundred bees polinating them. It was hard to take pictures without the risk of getting stung but I managed this and the one below here.


Two of the flowers blossoming, while the other is completely open. I liked this photo because it displays what the flower on top was like before it became as pretty as it is.

Thanks for checking out this post, I will be focusing on book reviews after now. In the meantime, I will try to get some lovely fall photography!

Talk to you later,

Sarah 🌺🌷🌸


6 thoughts on “Summer Flower Photography

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Love your photography and commentary!
    I’m sorry I’m just looking at these now…the email got a bit buried in my inbox. Can’t wait to see your fall collection!!!


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