Profile Portraits with Collage Accents

I am finally getting back to art posts, considering I’m currently halfway through all my books right now. I hope you guys enjoy this art post as much as the line drawing one!

I did not come up with this brilliant idea most unfortunately, but can you guess where I found it? Pinterest! Although I didn’t create the idea, I still attempted a version of my own:


It is not nearly as perfect as the example I followed from while creating this, most likely because I sketched this up a good year ago I’d say. My drawing skills have definitely moved forward from then. Speaking of which, I recommend any painters out there reading this to take a look at Faye’s art blog that I just found a small while ago, it’s crazy impressive to me.

Bochic Hemingway Earrings, great silhouette. I always need a silhouette when I'm drawing profile portraits:

This is the (perfect) example I followed from. I am definitely going to make another one of these very soon, because I definitely believe I can make a very new and improved one compared to my last!

So basically to do this:

  1. Find a magazine with lots of pretty pictures and backgrounds in it
  2. Cut them out into shapes of earrings, necklaces, bows, or whatever you’d like
  3. Sketch a profile portrait of someone, anyone, real or fake, preferably using black ink/ pencil
  4.  Glue your accessories onto the drawing, and you are finished

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you got some good drawing inspiration out of it!



3 thoughts on “Profile Portraits with Collage Accents

  1. Wow!!! I did not know you could draw so well.


    Timothy D. Lindsay
    Chief Executive Officer
    DD: 1-603-516-2612 |TF: 1-800-232-5535 x 12
    1 Education Way Dover NH 03820 USA

    Find your solution here.


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