25 Unique Names for the Protagonist of Your Story

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First of all, I’d like to announce that this is my fiftieth blog post (woohoo!). In addition to this, I’d like to mention that I just got fifty followers as well! Many thanks to each and every one of you! ❤️

By the way, I’d like to notify you that I will be doing a collab blog post this weekend with Meghan @Bookslayer Reads! Way excited :).

Plus I’m considering on upgrading to wordpress premium this winter, which would be great because I will then be able use plugins for my blog (like rafflecopter, etc). So now that all the news is out, let’s get started with this post.

I made this T-Chart for this post, to share some great names that I think you could use for characters in a story you are currently writing! (I must admit it did take me awhile to make due to some technical difficulties 🙂 ha ha)


Thanks, and I hope you liked the names!


7 thoughts on “25 Unique Names for the Protagonist of Your Story

  1. I’m excited for our collab blog post too! 😊 I really like Amberly and Graham. Those are my favorite names on the list, I think. I also like Westlyn and Sawyer. I’ve been considering updating to premium, but I’m starting to think it’d just be a waste for me because everything I do or want to do on my blog, I can do with the free plan. I wonder if the premium plan gives more font options though? I’d love to have some new fonts to choose from lol.


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