The Girl in the Blue Dress of Charcoal & Oil Pastel

Hello, today I’m doing an art post, partially due to my lack of these posts lately.


Specifically, I used a Kids Made Modern drawing kit, which consists of charcoal pencils, graphite pencils, white pencil, kneaded eraser, blending stump, pencil sharpener, and sketch paper.


I also used these oil pastels and colored pencils. You can find the colored pencils at Michael’s, and I found the pastels in a little store of trinkets downtown, although you should be able to find similar ones at Michael’s too.


  1. Draw the base (a light sketch of the head, torso, and dress)
  2. Shade the top of the dress with your charcoal pencil
  3. Sketch the bottom with any color oil pastel (I used blue)
  4. Use your finger, or blending stump if you have one, to rub together the charcoal and pastel at her waist
  5. Repeat, except go down the rest of her dress
  6. Use a colored pencil or oil pastel (I used the pastel) and color in the hair
  7. Optional: Go over with a white pencil and eraser to make anything lighter

The final product:


Thank you!

♥ Sarah ♥




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