The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester

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“It’s the oddest/sweetest mix of Little House on the Prairie and X-Men.”-Stephanie Meyer


Today I will be reviewing my first novel that is not young adult. I won’t be doing this particularly often, but I chose to review this book because it was probably the first novel that I read that I could truly consider my favorite.

I reread it still, because it’s a book that I recommend for anyone to can read. I personally, first read it when I was nine/ten-ish, I’d like to say.  Although, it’s not written specifically for a elementary school reading level. It is written quite nicely, for a large age group.


Piper lives with her family out on the countryside, with her Ma and Pa. All they want is for their daughter to be normal, but it’s nearly impossible, since she has had the abnormal ability to hover off the ground since she was a baby. After years of wondering what she is capable of, Piper tests herself, and finds that she can most certainly fly.

After Piper accidentally uses her newly acknowledged power in public, everyone in the small town now believes different is dangerous, applying to her. Feeling out of place in her unwelcoming town, she is offered a spot at an institute called I.N.S.A.N.E. for children that have special powers, similar to her own.

She at last is appreciated by those who surround her, and Piper feels content. Although, she doesn’t realize how rare and unique her ability to fly is, and that she is wanted by dangerous people. Piper must discover who wants to take her and her classmates’ powers away from them, and escape the unknown enemy before they can grasp what they desire from the kids. Piper and her friends do know that the enemy won’t be taking away only their powers, but will also be erasing who they are, which Piper can’t afford to lose at any cost.


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Four and a half flowers! I still enjoy re-reading this book, and remain entertained. Sure, the writing isn’t super advanced or anything, but it’s fair enough. The characters are very unpredictable, which makes this book exciting. The setting and the characters are so amazing to imagine. The ending is basically perfection, although the beginning is a very slightly slow start. They begin on the countryside, where Piper lives on the farm, and it isn’t that bad or anything, but it certainly gets much better. (Like how Katniss starts of in district twelve, but then jumps into the Hunger Games.)

Thanks for reading!


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