Creatures of the Night Book Tag

Hello! Today I’m doing a tag I recently saw on The Orang-utan Librarian (they tagged the general public). Even though it may be November third, and we may not be in the Halloween Spirit anymore, we can at least pretend for this quick tag! 


Image result for the coldest girl in coldtown

This book definitely came to mind first for me, and then there’s Twilight but this novel has a slightly more original feel.


Image result for twilight book

I would say The Mortal Instruments, but I’m saving that for later, sooooooo…Twilight now, I suppose?


Image result for the scorch trials

My mind stalled for a second trying to think of zombie books, and then I remembered The Scorch Trials…perfect! (The sequel to The Maze Runner by James Dashner.)


Image result for Harry potter book

Moaning Myrtle of course!


Image result for witch catcher book

This was my favorite book!! I had almost completely forgot about it until now. I am totally rereading this soon.


Image result for the land of stories

All the classic fairy tales you know are combined into this book.

Angels & Demons

Image result for The city of bones book

Duh, it’s the bomb of all books about angels and demons. 🙂


Image result for I am number four

On point. John is from Lorien, not Earth…and is a rather strange child.

Superpowered Human


My apologies for choosing the same novel as The Orang-utan Library. I’m reading this at the moment so it’s only the natural answer though!

Like The Orang-utan Library, I’m not directly tagging anybody, so feel free to participate in this tag everyone! 🙂


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