Mary Dawning Hahn Novels

What’s up guys?! I’d like to introduce you to Mary Dawning Hahn, who used to be my one of my favorite authors many years back, when I was into the minimal horror books that my elementary school library offered, haha. They had a bunch of Dawning Hahn’s novels, and I was obsessed. I know I’m doing my Halloween posts a bit late, sorry!

Here were a few of my favorites!

The Doll in the Garden

Image result for the doll in the garden book

Just the right amount of creepiness for those of you who need a Halloween read but aren’t fans of horror! It ends up being a cute story in the end actually, as I recall.

Image result for The Witch catcher

 This was my all time favorite of fifth grade. If you like fantasy than this is for you, which I used to be super into.

Closed for the Season

Image result for closed for the season book

This one is good for if you’re looking for a short mystery to read.

Thanks for reading!


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