Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Hello! My apologies, I haven’t posted in almost a month! My weekends had been astoundingly busy with sports and school; the trimester was closing, which meant a lot of tests and homework. Without further or do, I will get on with this book review…

Image result for shatter meFirst off I will admit that I loved the cover of this book; I don’t know how to describe it as anything but simply very creative and pretty. Anyways, I had always been tempted to read this, because one of my favorite genres is dystopian. I found out about it a while back watching a book vlogger, although I unfortunately can not get my hands on the video to share with you all.


The outside world has turned into an ugly place. Everything has turned either unnatural or dead: the animals, plants, and even oxygen seems to be on a horrific shortage.

Juliette has been imprisoned in an psychiatric institution, or better known as an asylum, because of her lethal touch that is feared by people across the country. She has been held in captivity here for 264 days; 264 days with no communication, or interaction with another human being. The Reestablishment Society imprisons her here because they believe she is guilty of murder, although she has never forgiven herself for the dread her power has caused others.

The society keeps her alive because they believe that this 17 year old girl can be used as a weapon against other countries in their contest of power. They know they have at last found the key to winning their war against the world, but will Juliette stand by their side? The choice of either the likelihood death or cooperating with the enemy is hers.


Image result for clipart pretty flowerImage result for clipart pretty flowerImage result for clipart pretty flowerImage result for clipart pretty flower

I enjoyed the style of writing in this book; it was quite of straight forward, and I think that it was written this way to express the main Juliette’s style of thinking. Another feature of this novel are the crossed out words, that seem to be describing her regrets and inner thoughts to you.

Image result for shatter me crossed out words

It did take me a little bit to get used to this, but I ended up enjoying it. In addition, the author doesn’t spell out any numbers, which I believe adds to the importance of them because they tend to pop out more this way. Juliette mentions numbers many times, considering when she is locked up in the asylum, alone, and her only source of entertainment is counting how long she has been imprisoned.

Generally, I moved along the book at a fair pace, considering the novel was quite action filled. Preferably, it would be more interesting if the book used different POVs for each chapter, although I do recall that the fourth installment, Destroy Me, is in Warner’s (the leader of the Reestablishment Society) POV.

Looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

17 thoughts on “Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

      • Tbh, I loved Adam in the first book with the dream bird tattoo and all.. it looked so perfect… But then Warner came and things became way too hot to handle… Anyways, in the end of book 2 I really wished for a reason to not like Adam and I satisfied myself with what I got in the third book. But whatever Warner is bae❤

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