The Mortal Instruments: TV Series (season 2 review)

Hello to all of you readers! Today we’re discussing the Shadowhunters (Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare) television series because…season two has been released! Being a huge fan of the book series, last year I had decided to try the show, and ended up enjoying it. There is a movie based on the first book, City of Bones, although I personally prefer the show.

If you have not yet read Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, I highly recommend you do. Considering? Check out our review here.




The improvement in the show compared to season 1 is incredible! I have to confess that I did get pretty bored during season 1, but the new episodes are way more action packed. The characters’ personalities are more clearly identified now that you’ve got used to them, so the story gets more into depth now.

However, I would have given season 2 a much higher rating if the show followed the book plot line better. It stays somewhat relative to it, although they definitely added a handful of new characters, and a few unfamiliar events. Overall though, they are doing a great job with season 2, and I hope they continue to produce for many more.

Have you watched yet? What are your thoughts on the show and/or book?

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39 thoughts on “The Mortal Instruments: TV Series (season 2 review)

  1. I love how the show looks and how accurate the characters seem, but I tried watching season one and didn’t make it past the third episode. I’m not sure what bugs me – maybe I love the books too much to really love any adaptation – although I didn’t mind the movie as much.

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  2. I’ve watched Mortal Instruments : City Of Bones movie and I’M LOVING IT but I haven’t watch the series yet! Gotta watch that soon😅 ( wow, I’m so left behind )

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  3. I am definitely enjoying season 2 in comparison to the first one. The acting, the dialogues are better this season. The main problem I had with S1 was the casting of Clary, I felt Katherine was not doing Clary’s role any justice but this season she is slipping more and more into the role which is pretty good. And Harry… oh my god! That guy is the best Magnus eveeeer!! I hope the rest of the season is interesting as well.

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  4. I completely agree with you. Season 2 is a HUGE improvement than season 1. I’m loving it so far, especially the past three episodes with the new writing team. The actors have also improved and seem more in character. I think the show will redeem itself.

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  5. We read the whole Shadowhunter Chronicles (TID/TBC/TMI/TSA/TDA – well Lady Midnight only so far) and S1 of Shadowhunters but did not have the time to watch S2 – though we can say it is still much better than S1 from their previews! We hope to catch up to it soon. Cannot wait for the release of Lord of Shadows!! Loads of book seem to come out in May! Don’t you think?

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    • I definitely agree; I think I’m definitely doing a book haul just for all the new releases this spring! I’m currently in the middle of Lady Midnight (it’s torturous…how much longer until Emma realizes she actually LIKES Julian?! 😂😭) Anyways, it’s amazing so far besides that!! I am totally buying Lord of Shadows and also I’m looking forward to the deluxe version of We Were Liars…I’m so excited!

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  6. I didn’t actually watch any episodes but my YouTube recommends a few scenes regularly (I wonder if that’s fate!😉) And I LOVE SIMON!! I loved his character in the book and I loved his Alberto is great cast for him. I kinda don’t like Jace in the show. I didn’t imagine him like that. But still it’s okay. I should probably start watching it soon.

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