Help! Which Book Subscription Box?

Hey, what’s up fellow bookworms? Let’s discuss BOOK SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! I’ve been pondering whether or not to sign up for them, but before I do, I wanted other book lover’s opinions.

therightbrand1I’ll basically read any YA book you hand me, haha. Not that I limit myself to reading nothing other than this genre, but I generally prefer it. Almost all subscription boxes either are young adult or young adult is one of the options, so this hasn’t been hard to find.

therightbrand2Subscription boxes are *pretty* expensive, we all must admit. Although the thrill of a new book along with fun bookish items delivered to your doorstep every month, is definitely worth it. I’ve found that the prices can range from around 20-40 dollars, but usually hang at thirty. I’ve been looking for something that is under thirty,  that doesn’t only come with a book.
therightbrandThere are seriously so many brands to pick from! I read everyone’s unboxing posts all the time; I love learning about a new book sub brand, and the contents. I’ve found that Uppercase is twenty three USD per a box, and comes with a signed novel plus 1-2 bookish items…I’ve found this has been the best deal so far!

heartlineRecommend your favorite book subscription box!

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29 thoughts on “Help! Which Book Subscription Box?

  1. I don’t subscribe to any, because I’m broke and they’re all so expensive. T-T But! I’ve seen really neat ones like Fairy Loot and Owl Crate. Those are the only ones I’ve heard of, but they look worth all the money! Hope this helped!

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  2. I have an Uppercase subscription, and I love it!

    Its the cheapest of the boxes I looked at. I don’t need a bunch of stuff with my books each month, but Uppercase includes a couple really great items. I have been very pleased with each months books/goodies.

    Hope you find one your love!

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  3. I was subscribed to Owlcrate for three months and I really loved two of the boxes but was left disappointed with one. Usually they have pretty awesome stuff though and the books are usually the most release of the month. I umsubscribed because the price with shipping was almost $36.00 for me and that’s too much to pay every month. You do get 10% off your first box though!

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