Draw My (bookish) Life: Sarah @betweenthepages

Hello bloggers! Today I’ll be sharing my very first booktube video, and I’m SO excited! Please do excuse my awful doodling skills and weird voice! I bought the whiteboard in the five dollar section at target about five years ago so it’s not great quality lol.

In advance thank you for watching :))

Have you considered booktubing/what is your existing channel? We’d love to check it out!


24 thoughts on “Draw My (bookish) Life: Sarah @betweenthepages

  1. Wait, I wasn’t following you??? So I wasn’t getting notifications on new posts??? What??? XD Well, now I’m following you, and AGH THAT WAS A GREAT VIDEO AND YUP. Blogging has opened up so many new paths of fangirling and squealing and obsessing??? XD

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