March Uppercase Unboxing


Welcome to my very first unboxing post! There might be more to come, but I find subscription boxes kinda expensive, so then again, maybe not. I had been super excited for this to arrive for the past month, especially since it’s my very first piece of book sub mail! Anyways, I can’t wait to show you guys what came in the March Uppercase box (well, bag lol)…Oh yeah, and overall I definitely recommend this, because it’s a fair price and comes with awesome stuff!


IMG_5986.JPGSigned Copy of Hunted // Meagan Spooner

What is more fitting than this retelling of Beauty and the Beast,  considering the film (based on the original story)recently came out?! The book follows a young girl named Yeva, who’s father is the closest hunter to undiscovering the Beast’s secrets; at least until he goes missing in the forest one day. Yeva is set out to hunt down her father and his prey. She follows the creature back to it’s mythical home that is destined to bring ruin, and will eventually take down either the Beauty or the Beast.

A beauty deadlier than the beast.


So these are all the small bookish items that came in the bag: One ‘Book Hoarder’ sticker, Jane Austen socks, gold foil art, and lastly, two (paper) Bookmarks. Everything is super cute, and I’m glad it’s not just junky stuff that’ll sit around my bedroom; if you know what I mean?

On the socks, there is a quote that reads: “I declare that after all there is no enjoyment like books.” I love them! (I’m actually writing this wearing them lol) The gold foil art is a illustration of a stack of classic books, and I can’t wait to frame it above my bookshelf!

What’s your favorite retelling of a classic?

29 thoughts on “March Uppercase Unboxing

  1. Ee, Hunted sounds really good! I’m quite wary of Beauty and the Beast retellings now because of Cruel Beauty, which DISAPPOINTED. (But I saw the movie today and it was just so amazing???) Hmm, well, I definitely like the Lunar Chronicles as retellings… Dang it I’m either forgetting what I read (which is very possible) or I haven’t read a lot of retellings (which is also very possible BUT IT NEEDS TO CHANGE). Great post! And SOCKS ARE GREAT I LOVE SOCKS.

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    • Hahaha thank you! My sister saw it and LOVED it too! I’m seeing it next weekend because my friends weren’t free this weekend, unfortunately. I started the Lunar Chronicles, but I should definitely finish them because I heard they get better and better!

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