Let’s discuss: WHY BLOGGING?

Okay, the past year would’ve (honestly) been pretty different without blogging. I hope it’s the same for you guys! Today I just wanted to have a quick discussion on why I choose to blog.


My younger sister (Ava) has a passion for baking, and last summer my mom suggested she start a website for selling cupcakes to friends. Ava began designing her website, and I thought that it would be literally the coolest thing ever, to have my own little corner of the internet.

I simply wanted to make a website; at that moment I had no intent for the content, I just wanted to be involved with the technology, I suppose. My mom told me I should create a reading blog, and so it was decided. It has officially been ten months of consistent blogging, already! Crazily enough, while stepping into the blogosphere I had absolutely no idea that book blogging was such a huge thing!


Reading is and always has been adventure, and thrill, and amusement for me (It’s tempting to say life, but that’s personally a step to far for me hehe). When I’m not blogging about books, you can find me reading them 99% of the time.


When I first designed my blog, the structure I chose made it an very unattractive looking blog, but to be honest, I had no history in graphic designs or basically anything technological, so I can’t really blame myself that much. It took me SIX MONTHS to finally figure out what I had to do in order to gain traffic. Boy did it feel a lot better to look at my stats a month later!

Speaking of which…maybe this is a huge time cram, but I’m hoping for 500 followers by summer vacation?! I think I believe it’s possible, but on another note, to all my current followers, thank you so much (and I really mean it)!! The mornings I turn on my phone to a new follower, I get ridiculously excited. Yes, even after 340 follow notifications, trust me, I still do a little victory dance for every new follower. That’s me weird way of saying I really appreciate it, so thank you to all my readers :))




39 thoughts on “Let’s discuss: WHY BLOGGING?

  1. I just wanted to be able to share my love for reading with people who loved it as much as me! My siblings aren’t really big readers and can’t read any of my books since I read in English and they can’t and stuff. But to have an entire community of book bloggers and lovers is so awesome to have!

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    • Yes, it’s amazing that we can share our love for books with people all around the world! No one in my family is a big reader either, besides myself of course. Thank you for your comment!💗

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    • Aw omg!! Thank you! All the bloggers I meet are so nice, and it’s lovely how we all take the time to comment on other people’s posts! This might sound a little mushy, but it’s true that it makes my day commenting on blog posts, knowing that I’m making other people happy…the best feeling 😉


  2. This is such a nice post! I’m really glad you started blogging. I guess I started for the same reason you did, I wanted my own little corner of the internet. And because I wanted to share my love of reading with other people. And now I can’t imagine not doing it because I spend so much of my time blogging.

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  3. Honestly, I started because I was telling my friends about the same books over and over again, and writing it down just gets it out of my system! Blogging keeps me constantly moving forward to read new things, and I’ve found so many books and authors that I never would’ve picked up were it not for the recommendation of book social media.

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  4. Ooh you can do it!!! I’m cheering you on for reaching your goal! And I do the same with every follower I get too 🙂 And it took me about 6 months to get the hang of how to get traffic. And in answer to your question- I blog so I can talk about books! Awesome post!

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  5. I started because I wanted to post some book reviews as if I was critic from a newspaper haha. But it is quite different. Plus I now post reviews of films, TV shows, music and theatre, so my blog has changed drastically over it’s life-span so far! 🙂

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  6. I began blogging three months ago as a challenge. I wanted to master the technology (still tons to learn) and share my love for books with other book junkies. I also love that teh space is MINE and I do get to express my creativity designing the blog, pics, etc. Now if you have any recommendations or improvment I should make on my blog just tell me as I really would like to better it.

    PS It was also a “I dare You” from a blogger friend 😉 xoxo

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    • Thank you Olivia! That’s so cool that your favorite author inspired your blog! What a great idea; I think I’ll publish a post on that when I reach my next milestone 😉

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  7. I blog because I see it like exercising. You’ve got to develop muscles and writing is a muscle that needs developing. My blog theme is pretty wide that it lets me do lots of different and interesting things. Sometimes people like it, sometimes very few people (sometimes none…..many times none) respond. I just pick myself up and write something else.
    Beyond that, congratulations on what you have created and the success you have found. You have carved out a nice piece of the internet for yourself.

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  8. I first started to blog because I thought, like you, I wanted to be involved with creating a website and a place on the internet. I blog about a range of topics, like sewing, travel, writing, poetry, lifestyle, etc. Congrats on getting so many followers in your first 10 months!

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