The Perfect Summer Afternoon | how-to for all bookworms alike πŸŒž

Hello my fellow bookworms! It’s officially July! I hit a little boredom sesh this warm summer afternoon and THANK GOD I have you guys to blog to. What would my summer be without blogging? (If you really want to know, it would include lots of couches and Netflix.) So today I am planning out a perfect summer afternoon to avoid being as bored as I was.

What You'll Need.jpg

  • **A lawn** (Sorry but if you live in the city you won’t be able to do this.)
  • 1 towel & umbrella
  • A kitchen w/some food (you’ll see!)
  • Bug spray & sunscreen (probably preferable)
  • A Phone (laptop, or basically any electronic device)


What You'll Need-2.jpg

All you’ll need is some plain vanilla ice cream, milk, a blender, and these common household foods! Here are a few recipes I loved! (Disclaimer: all pictures and recipe descriptions by Joslyn Blair fromΒ Click the link if you’d like to see how to make EVEN more of these tasty milkshakes!












What You'll Need-3.jpg

Now that you have your *amazing* snack, you’ll just have to grab a few more things before you’re ready….some books, your phone/ipad/etc, and beach/pool towel! Carry as much of it as you can outside, because we all hate second trips (I’m so lazy). Drop everything on a nice spot of your lawn with the least bugs. (But you’ll have remembered bug spray anyways! Go preparation!)


What You'll Need-4.jpg

  1. Lay out towel in grass.
  2. Optional: Find an umbrella (or a parasol but who even owns those??) and prop it up on it’s side on the end of the umbrella where you’ll put your head.
  3. Place smoothie & book(s) under umbrella and open. You can even bring a journal if you want to write.
  4. Taste deliciousness in your mouth while with your fictional friends!!


What You'll Need-5.jpg


(Like me) Then here’s when the electronic device comes in…Download/open Spotify or Pandora. (Both are free, I promise!) Choose a radio (Pandora) or playlist (Spotify) to listen to while you relax! If you can read while listening to music that’s even better! (I could read through a rock concert, trust me, it’s called school.) I like to listen to the Acoustic Pop playlist on Spotify while working or reading.

The result: laying in the sun, reading with your head in the shade reading a great book (hopefully), listening to some great tunes, all while sipping deliciousness = the perfect summer afternoon for a bookworm!

Or just stay inside and be an air conditioned, pale couch potato.



35 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer Afternoon | how-to for all bookworms alike πŸŒž

  1. That sounds absolutely fabulous!! I wish we could do that here in Japan. But guess what, summers in Japan is really BRUTAL AND MISERABLE… with temperature over 80 degrees Fahrenheit (It’s only July; it’s gonna skyrocket to 95 degrees in mid August) and the humidity close to 100% (I’ll say it again; 100%), I’m afraid I cannot stand going outside… lol
    This is indeed a dream afternoon for a bookworm!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. OH. MY. GOD. SARAH. THIS WAS A PERFECT POST ❀️ all of these milkshakes make me so hungry aka thirsty AND I NEED THEM NOWWW. I’ll definitely try to make some of these!! And I wish I was someone who could read and listen to music but I just CAN’T! The lyrics are just too distracting 😭

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank youuuu!!! I found the milkshakes on Pinterest and I was like maybe I can share these and someone else has the motivation to make them XD. That stinks…I can read through music but if someone next to me is the only one talking in the room then it’s like SO HARD to concentrate because all I can focus on is that one other sound lol it’s weird!!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I’M SORRY SARAH BUT I HATE BUGS. XD Plus I live in Texas and the sun is so harsh I can’t even. BUT. This post was awesome and those SMOOTHIES LOOK SO GOOD! I spend too much time on the computer/internet… I really need to just lay in bed, eat, and read. Because relaxation is apparently good for you.

    Love this post! Very creative.
    πŸ™‚ ❀

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This post made me smile! πŸ™‚ It’s basically my dream bookish adventure, haha. Unfortunately for me, where I live it’s hot all the time (it’s 91 right now) and super humid. But hey, this will work perfect for me when it’s October! πŸ˜‰

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