The Book Blogger Test!

BONJOUR! (So I wrote that in Canada if that makes more sense…) I was tagged by the WONDERFUL Ivy and Em @Two Girls Two Mountains! Go help them reach 200 followers!! woot woot

But omg I haven’t posted in weeks!! Majorly slacking…I’m really hoping to pick up the pace though and reach 700 followers before school starts! So that’s three followers a day; harder than it seems much? Hey but if you’re reading this it would mean so much if you’d follow if you haven’t already. ❤ ❤


1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog
2. Answer the ten questions asked on this post
3. Nominate at least five people to do it also
4. Let your nominees know you nominated them



  1. Okay this is pretty specific, but: WHEN PEOPLE READ LADY MIDNIGHT FIRST. NO NO NO NO NO. Sorry for the inconvenience but there are 10 other Cassandra Clare books that come before The Dark Artifices. No exceptions.
  2. Dog earring pages. I like to keep my books in perfect condition. PERIOD. (ha contradictory to Em)
  3. Well, basically love triangles. I can’t help but pity the poor guy who’s got the girl in the beginning of the book and then all of a sudden under extenuating circumstances, some gorgeous weirdo swoops in and steals her. IT’S NOT FAIR. There’s usually nothing wrong with the first guy so the author makes some last minute decision to make him do something evil just to drag on the freakin love triangle. Speaking of which…PRIM’S DEATH IS NOT GALE’S FAULT. PRIM WAS THE COMPLETE IDIOT WHO PRACTICALLY RAN A HEAP OF FLAMES.


I’ve always spent most of my time reading in my bed, especially since I read most during the nights. I have really been wanting to get a small beanbag to put next to my bookshelf though!!


  1. I spoiled part of Lady Midnight for  @Twin Bookmarks. (don’t worry guys, it wasn’t THAT spoiler *SIGH of relief*. Still. Four words: Forever. In. Your. Debt.
  2. I just watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower in the car on the way back from Canada. Oh yeah, without reading the book first. I HONESTLY DIDN’T THINK IT WAS GOING TO BE THAT GOOD. Anyways I’m still DEFINITELY reading the book very soon; I wasn’t planning on reading it at all before, on the contrary.
  3. I’ve only read *GRIMACES* 4 books this summer. *Reader: …*


Oh gosh. Uhhhh I don’t really cry a lot reading books but looking back I’d have to guess PROBABLY DEFINITELY during The Dark Artifices books….I’m very emotionally invested in the entire Blackthorn family if you didn’t know. And Emma of course. You should be too. In addition I’m also getting extremely committed to #feysand…I think it’s safe to say I’m literally falling in love with Rhys. #400pagesin4days #ACOMAFismylife


Only one: A Court of Mist and Fury. I’m 300 pages in (don’t spoil anything for me please!!) and IT’S SO GOODDDDDD. EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT #FEYSAND STILL ISN’T A THING YET. WHEN? WHEN. SOMEONE. PLEASE. TELL ME. WHEN. (lol I wrote that all like 2 days ago) To my satisfaction the name Rhys is a thing on my phone!! It autocorrected to a capital r. #ohyeah But really can Feyre and Rhysand just stop being so jealous of each other like just kiss it’s not that hard. #notohyeah The Perks of Being a Wallflower is sitting on my desk also though! #600pagesinnow #MATES #MATES #MATES #MATES #HAHAHAYESSSSS #DREAMSDOCOMETRUE

Rules-8.jpgReading snack?? I almost always read at night sooooo nah. I mean I guess Tostitos (I live on salt. And sugar…) but again I just like to eat those on an everyday basis soooo. Really craving some blueberries though right now.



READ. OR DIE KNOWING WHAT YOU MISSED OUT ON. (was that overstepping?)






My ONLY bookshelf actually!! I think it’s quite the little collection but I really can’t brag on bookstagram. Like at all. (as in this looks pathetic next to others *sad face*) But I mean isn’t that a cute little map I put up and I’m really loving the rainbow theme right now.





My true love.

**Disclaimer: that sounds sadder and lonelier than I thought it would.


Ummm I thought Twilight was a decent book?? #meh #noregrets


Avni’s Bookish Paradise |The Whimsical World of an Agreeable Bookworm |Twin Bookmarks | Stories for Coffee| Neurodivergent Rebel |Reader in the Attic

xx sarah

47 thoughts on “The Book Blogger Test!

  1. Your bookshelf is soooo organized – I’m so jealous, given that mind is a total monstrosity (I buy books like every weekend so I’m reaching a space crisis).

    I so agree with you on dog earring pages. My mom always does that and I cringe every time I see it happen.

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  2. I LOVE the ACOTAR series so much! Ivy is actually reading ACOMAF right now and it’s so hard to not spoil anything, haha 🙂
    This is kind of random but I want to start reading Cassandra Clare’s books and I honestly have no clue where to start, any suggestions?

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    • AH I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Lol I would accidentally spoil everything…Ok speaking of which, I swear to myself I will not spoil any Cassandra Clare for you because that is A TRUE BURDEN. Anyways YES YES YES that is a great question. Your going to hate me and Clare for this but start at City of Bones FIRST. NO MATTER HOW CRINGY AND DISGUSTING YOU FIND THE COVER YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE. Lol my friend convinced me to read it and the whole time I was like ew no thanks who IS THAT on the cover what??? *opened the book, read first line, doesn’t leave desk chair for 2 days* So there’s like 5 of the TMI books that come after City of Bones, but don’t worry they go by in a whiz. Then you can/or not read The Infernal Devices next (I didn’t…). It’s not as necessary. Then comes The Dark Artifices (Lady Midnight, Lord of Shadows) WHICH ARE LIKE THE TROPHIES AT THE FINISH LINE. Then there’s a few extra books that are just back history (The Bane Chronicles, Shadowhunter Academy, etc.) save those till you’re done with everything. 😉

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  3. Wow great post!! Loved your little rant about the REAL reason towards Prims death! LOL!

    Hopefully we get around to do this tag! It seems super fun! 😊❤

    P.S. you spoiled (a bit) Lord of Shadows…not Lady Midnight LOLL 😂

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  4. Eep I love this!! First I have to say I LOVED TWILIGHT WHEN I FIRST READ IT. I think it’s perfect for little adolescents like I was back then and it’s totally fine to have loved it. I just wish I had never seen the movie, or attempted a reread when I was older, because that sort of ruined it for me!
    I actually dog ear my pages sometimes hahah but not as much as I used to!!! And I usually regret it. My copy of Nevernight has tons of dog eared pages and it makes me sad to look at it TBH D:
    I looooooved ACOMAF but I wasn’t actually a huge fan of the other two books sadly. And I can’t wait to start reading all of Cassandra Clare’s books! my friend told me I should start with TMI so that’s what I’m going to do!!
    Love this tag!

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  5. You’re reading ACOMAF too? Gurl, we’ve gotta talk about it in a few days (I only just started it).

    But yassss #Feysand

    Your bookshelf is so cute! Looking at mine, it seems pretty plain and simple lol

    And dogearing is

    Great post ❤

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    • Thanks! (high pitched girl singing) Oooooh *smirks* you have so much DRAMA headed for you, just finished it tonight!! I GOT SO ANNOYED THOUGH DURING ACOMAF JUST READING AND READING LIKE OK I JUST NEED THEM TO KISS. STOP FLIRTING. KISS. Yesss though we need to talk about it together!!!

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      • *spoilers*


        that ending


        I hate Tamlin so much right now. Although in ACOTAR I was actually shipping him with Feyre because he treated her so nicely. Guess he’s off the deep end now, though.

        But aaah THEY’RE MATES. It’s just too perfect (in a good way).

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      • YES NICE. Tamlin is like the evil ex who doesn’t understand that he’s just lonely and desperate. So lonely and desperate that he will tear all of Prythian apart to steal back the girl who wants to murder him. LIKE RHYS IS HER MATE THEY’RE IN LOVE EMBRACE THE TRUTH TAM. Yeah I shipped Feyre and Tamlin in ACOTAR too but honestly no where near as hard as I ship feysand lolllll. I WAS SO MAD THOUGH WHEN FEYRE WAS PISSED THAT RHYS DIDN’T TELL HER THEY WERE MATES LIKE FEYRE YOU CAN’T JUST LEAVE HIM DYING IN THE MUD JEEZ.

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      • YAAAASSSS that bit – I mean. WHAT EVEN. You don’t just abandon your mate like that!!!

        And ya Tamlin does have some… issues understanding the situation. But if he ever gets in between my babies Feysand I’ll rip ACOWAR apart.

        Also, what are your thoughts on the Lucien-Elain mating bond? Admittedly, it was unexpected but I’m not entirely sure if I ship it yet.

        And Cassian and Nesta! They’re just too good ❤

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      • Omg SAME. Ooh yeah I kinda ship it cause I actually really like Lucien. I’m really just waiting for like everyone to get together. Except for tamlin. He can die alone. 😂 Mor and Az ARE DRIVING ME INSANE, and everyone ships Cassian and Nesta which IS perfect but I never really liked Nesta. I’m starting to I guess though


  6. YOUR BOOKSHELF IS SO CUUUTE! I am jealous. i dog ear my pages *hides* PLEASE DONT KILL ME SARAH! I beg of you! I JUST NEED TO READ THE BOOK THIEF. i watched the movie and haven’t read the book. BUT I LOVED THE MOVIE. just like you did with perks of being a wallflower. speaking of which, READ THAT DAMNED BOOK it’s amazing!

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    We’ve gotta fangirl about acomaf when you read it *goes and gets powerpoint presentation ready*
    And that ‘my true love’ didn’t sound sad or lonely ’cause atleast we booklovers have a true love, most people don’t 😉
    Thankyou SO much for the tag😍 It’s my first tag so means the world to me😁❤

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    • First thank you!! Secondly: OMGGGG I JUST FINISHED ACOMAF (had to take a little break from blogging to do that tonight…) I AM SCREAMING. I literally just watched the entire polanbananasBOOKS review (SHE GETS THE FEELS) and okay
      1. I want to stab Tamlin and the queens AHHHH THE QUEENS. But mostly Ianthe.
      What no way your first tag?!! Yay that’s so exciting!! I actually flipped out when I was first tagged for this award no joke I was on the bus and my best friend was sitting next to me and I was like OMG OMG GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED. Hahahaha


      • YOU NEED TO READ ACOWAR ASAP OML!!! And YASSS I have seen her booktalk and the fEEls are ON POINT😍
        Ianthe is a bitch and that’s the truth imma not even sorry
        Plus rhys and feyre ARE MY ETERNAL SHIP!!
        Also that quote omg I got so obsessed with it that ALL my friends now know about this quote and they actually wish to the stars for a teacher to not come AND THE FUN FACT IS THAT MANY TIMES THAT TEACHER DOES NOT COME😂(ik this can be lame but oh well)
        Also I started doing the most shitty dance ever when I saw that I had been tagged😂☺🌚

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  8. WAIT… WAS THAT THING ABOUT PRIM’S DEATH A SPOILER BECAUSE I HAVEN’T READ THE HUNGER GAMES YET??? And ahahhahaha is “mates” from ACOTAR because I hear it gets REALLY REALLY annoying and abusive in ACOWAR…

    But… but Lady Midnight looks SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING THAN TMI AND TID??? And haha I have The Book Thief checked out right now, but I’m not planning on ever reading ACOTAR… #oops



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