TEN Unique Post Ideas for Book Bloggers

Hello!! Wow it’s been an inexcusably long time since my last post…I suppose school has been keeping me pretty busy. Thank you EVERYONE for helping me reach my goal of 700 followers for the summer, every follow means so much to me!

Ironically, I was blanking on what to write my next post about, and was looking up ideas when I was like, “Hey! I want to be a helpful person!” And somehow I thought of ten post ideas. When I couldn’t think of one ten minutes earlier. I hope you guys enjoy these ideas; if you use one of them drop the link to your post in the comments and I would LOVE to read it!! ❤️❤️


1.The Perfect Book Nook: List off the products that would transform a corner of your room into the perfect book nook. Have some fun with it; shop for furry egg chairs and unique bookcases…

2. Create Your Own Tag: This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever done on my blog, it’s so much fun. Just think of a bunch of questions that are all relevant to one theme, and tag a bunch of people so your it will hopefully catch on.

3. Rewrite the Story: Rewrite the chapter you are on in the book you are reading but from a different character’s POV. You could also write a poem from a character’s POV during one of the climaxes of the novel.

4. This or That: Hold a poll for which of two books you should read next if you’re in a bind. The books would preferably be hyped over ones because it would be more likely more people have read them and can offer you their opinion. If they’re not, just put both of the synopsis’ below the poll! (you can create the poll on polldaddy.com and sign in with WordPress; it’s super easy.

5. Fictional Fam: Create your own fictional family. Choose your favorite characters from different books for your sister, best friend, boyfriend… *cough* everyone reading this is thinking Rhys there’s no point in lying. Have I told you I’m a psychic before?

6. Dream Cast: Choose a book that you would love to see adapted into a film, and choose the cast yourself! Put pictures of the actors/actresses next to the character and say why you would cast them.

7. Gaining Traffic 101: List out a bunch of tips for all the kinks of starting a blog that you had to work out on your own for anyone new to WordPress. For instance, it took me almost half a year to figure out how to design my blog to attract readers, but it’s also really important to have quality post ideas (ahaha) and writing, good graphics, etc. Hey, blogging is more work than most people think!

8. Books to Binge Read on a Rainy Day: Make a list of books that you read in a whiz! Include a short synopsis with the cover, and/or write about why you finished so quickly and loved it!

9. #bookwormproblems: Ugh only a bookworm could understand my pain. For people who need to sympathize about books on the internet…

10. Interview Your Favorite Character(s): For those of you who like to write fanfics, this is should come to you pretty easy (cough WATTPAD peeps) Pick one of your favorite character, and ask ‘them’ a bunch of questions (about what happened in the book, or just general questions about their personality). Answer as best you can for the character and try to copy the author’s character’s style in your writing.

xx sarah


42 thoughts on “TEN Unique Post Ideas for Book Bloggers

  1. These are some super fun ideas and I might just have to make people choose a book for me to read soon because I am currently in the middle of three (which, who even am I anymore? I never do that) and have a bunch more that I want to read RIGHT NOW.

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  2. ! […] mind is inspired by a blog C. W. Post by Sarah from Between the Pages, where she suggests interviewing your favourite graphic symbol as one of her splendid minds for Holy Scripture […]

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