Heyyy happy Wednesday! (Ew.) Okay first off, sorry this feels like a messy post…and I haven’t blogged in three weeks; I hate myself. I’m setting a little goal for myself to get back to posting weekly but I was really blanking on something that I ACTUALLY wanted to write about yesterday. While having a nice time watching Twilight: Eclipse. And then it hit me like:


YES TWILIGHT. Plus I loveeee writing discussions. (fyi I don’t watch Glee….this gif just perfectly portrays the moment…) Also if you really hate Twilight with a burning passion, just…RESPECT THE FACT THAT I LIKE IT. Thanks :)) ❀


I EXPECTED to hate it.

And I had no real reason to. I wanted something to watch on a long car ride and I couldn’t think of any good movies to download when Twilight just came to mind because my friend had recently binged all the movies in one weekend. The idea didn’t seem too bad; maybe a little cliche sure, but there’s so much HATE towards Twilight at the same time I expected a eye rolling worthy movie. I kind of loved it and downloaded the New Moon right away…hey keep reading I’m not crazy! I’ve literally grown up hearing that Twilight fans are fake and the story is trash and why would you read that when you could be rereading Harry Potter?! Hardcore hp fans be like:


So what’s with all the controversy over this book anyways? Sure it’s maybe a little over hyped for what it is and other books deserve that type of spotlight (COUGH ACOTAR) but just because a lot of people have read it that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it. In fact it’s quite the opposite, because if THAT many people love it enough for the book to become THAT famous, you’ll probably like it too. The most awesome book tuber who understands all the feels in her book reviews, made a video on why she likes Twilight and it’s the best thing. (AHAHA CHRISTINE LOOKS SO YOUNG I CAN’T)

Okay but what I don’t get is how some people find it offensive because it’s sexist?? The thing is, Edward is this VAMPIRE, and Jacob is a WEREWOLF, and Bella is a HUMAN. WHAT’S SHE SUPPOSED TO DO? I mean she does DO stuff; Edward isn’t always saving her. For example in New Moon BELLA saved EDWARD from exposing himself to the vampire-hating-people-festival where they would murder him.

I just started the book a few days ago, and I know, that’s pretty bad that I’ve been watching the movies. I expected it to suck so badly though that I thought I wouldn’t want to bother with reading the book, which was a mistake! I bought the first book a while ago, and I want to finish that soon to see how I like it in comparison to the movie. Anyways the moral of today’s story IS…HYPE IS A GOOD THING! (*voice quickly talking in background* even when the majority of people disagree with everything that has to do with a number one New York Times bestseller)


**Despite my sassy meme I swear I’m open to opinions


xx sarah

P.S. I’m team Edward, it’s not even open for discussion.

40 thoughts on “LET’S DISCUSS: Twilight

  1. Goodness, I love Twilight! Read all the books and have the Twilight Forever Set with all the movies and more. I was sort of obsessed over it for awhile, lol. I don’t get why people hate on it so much. I didn’t think the writing was that bad. Hope you love them all! Such a great post! ❀

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  2. All I remember about when I read Twilight (which was a looooong time ago hahaha) was:
    1. My sister owned the books which was the only reason actually
    2. My sister had held off on reading them for a long time because of the hype and ended up really liking them
    3. I really loved them when I read them.

    Now. I was like 14 when I read them. And they were GREAT.
    Then I made the sad mistake of watching the movies (which I didn’t like at all) and I thought the books were way better. SO I decided to go and reread the book. And I realized that the movie is actually pretty accurate in terms of awkwardness and unrealisticness. Which isn’t bad. My angsty 14-year-old self really appreciated that. My 20-something self not so much.
    And that’s okay! I’ve changed a lot.

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  3. Hey! πŸ™‚ I wasn’t mad about the movies, I think they’re so awkward and uncomfortable to watch but I did love the books. I read them years ago but at that time everyone loved them πŸ™‚ Great to see someone isn’t afraid to say they like Twilight.

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  4. I do not understand the blatant hatred towards Twilight that many people feel. Seriously, that series got me into fantasy and I’ll be eternally indebted to it. I can’t even remember how many times I re-read the first book when it was released. Many people say Edward was too perfect but he was flawed because there were times he chose to run away instead of facing things head on and I agree with what you said about Bella.
    I don’t know how I would feel if I read it now but it will always have a special place in my heart. Love this post! ❀

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  5. I absolutely loved Twilight. I think Stephenie Meyer has a very hypnotic writing style.

    I actually watched the first movie before I read the books. I found the movie on one of the movie channels one day and ended up watching it and I saw that it was based off of a book and decided that I wanted to read the series, and I’m so glad that I did.

    My husband is actually really obsessed with the movies. He loves them and watches them all the time. πŸ™‚

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  6. I have a soft spot for the series because it was the first real book I ever read that got me into reading Young Adult and books in general while I was in 5th grade. I actually really miss the series and it is one I hope to have on my shelves again one day (if only for the nostalgia)

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  7. When I first read the Twilight series I was 100% addicted lol no joke. It was a struggle to study for final exams because I was so busy devouring the series haha But I dunno, I guess I grew out of it? I mean that was almost ten years ago for me and now when I try to go back and read them again I find the writing lacking, the plot interesting but predictable, and the characters feel a bit underdeveloped and simply don’t connect with me anymore. It’s so crazy how I can feel so totally differently about a series! Like what happened?? I have zero interest in it now but I absolutely loved it once upon a time. I won’t hate anyone for loving them still because I totally get it. I actually miss that feeling of opening up Twilight and disappearing in its pages for hours.

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  8. I’ve actually been meaning to read Twilight for a long time now! I think I haven’t yet because the last time I asked was like four years ago and my mom thought I was too young or something?? But this post has really inspired me to go out and read them. πŸ™‚ AND HEY I MIGHT END UP BEING TEAM EDWARD mostly cause he’s Cedric Diggory haha.

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  9. Your perfectly entitled to your opinion! And actually, if it helps, my personal opinion of Twilight is that the first one is pretty decent (minus the sparkliness) and I’ve always had it on the 3* rating and won’t ever budge on that. I always believe that if it had ended at book 1 I’d have been fine with it (incidentally I like Meyer’s other book the Host, a standalone, so much more than this series) Nor do I personally view it as sexist- I think that argument gets bandied out a bit too much, though Edward does get decidedly more possessive as the series progresses- speaking of which… I just *arghh* I cannot express how much I hate where that series went without spoilers. Sorry- I hope you don’t mind me being candid. I completely do understand why people like the series in general- there are a lot of fun things to get invested in and I can see why it’s hyped.

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    • HAHAHA yes there is a good amount of sparkling. I can definitely see where you are coming from about Edward becoming possessive but I can’t really say anything about what I think about the rest of the series obviously haha. Hm I kind of want to look into her other books!

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  10. I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!😍I’ve watched and rewatched the movies about a million times and now I’ve started reading the first book! I’m about halfway and it’s sooo good! I don’t understand Twilight haters like at all. It’s has a great plot and characters and well literally everythingπŸ˜„

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