Creating My Own Fictional Life…

Hello lovely readers! So today I have this post that was SUPER fun to make! (*SIGH* IT’S ALL JUST A TEMPTATION. JUST KIDDING I SWEAR.) Yep, so it’s Saturday (well when I’m writing this) and I’ve been thinking of all these great blog post ideas I have planned for you all (I wish I could say y’all but I don’t think I can pull it off EXCEPT this is internet life and I can be anyone I wanna be. Whoop whoop.) Y’ALL. Getting back to the *amazing* posts I have planned: I NEED A PLANNER for my blog posts. I would feel so…organized (when you can tell someone is obviously not). AND all of the characters I choose would be if I HAD to because I really wouldn’t replace them with the people in my REAL life!!

Oh yes, and while I was scavenging the internet for fan art of Jules, I found THIS. I CAN’T BREATHE AH AH CARA WOULD BE PERFECT. LIKE HONESTLY CAN’T YOU SEE IT??!



What You'll Need-6.jpg


This is the hardest one to choose because parents are almost ALWAYS the problem in YA fiction.

But regardless if I had to choose I would probably pick Rosa and Hans Hubermann from The Book Thief. I know they look like grandparents in this picture, but besides the hair it portrays them pretty accurately and cute. Rosa is kinda all ‘tough love’ throughout the book and by the end I liked her, but I loved Hans all the way.


What You'll Need-7.jpg

simon.jpg To Michelle,-2.jpg

Definitely Simon Lewis. (The Mortal Instruments) He always has got Clary’s back no matter what, and has the most innocent, loyal, and friendly personality! Simon tries to do the right thing, and through all brings up Dungeons and Dragons references. *Jace is fighting demon to his death* Simon: HEY THIS IS JUST LIKE DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. *stares in aw while Jace is slowly dying*

What You'll Need-8.jpg


Okay UM I COULDN’T FIND A SINGLE PIECE OF FANART OF JULIAN BLACKTHORN I LIKED EXCEPT FOR ALL THE ONES WITH EMMA IN IT. Not that that isn’t totally okay *rushes words* because Emma is amazing and deserves to be in the picture and GOOO JEMMA. Moving on, to be completely honest Julian is hands down the best fictional brother in YA. Do I even have to explain why? I mean, if you’ve read The Dark Artifices you KNOW. It’s so cute how he takes care of all his siblings and how much they appreciate him always being there. Ahhhh it makes me want to CRY Julian is such a good person. AND if Julian were my brother than Emma could be my SISTER-IN-LAW; (at least pray that they get married and somehow find a way to break the STUPID PARABATAI BOND) PERFECTION. But honestly I can’t decide whether I would want Julian to be my fictional brother or boyfriend…NOT BOTH BUT EW YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

What You'll Need-9.jpg


June from the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu! If you haven’t read it, PLEASEEEE DO. It’s by far my favorite dystopian trilogy, and a must-read. The best part about the picture is that it’s drawn BY THE AUTHOR HERSELF. Pretty dang cool, right? Well anyways, June is a total genius and perfectionist, yet also has no fears in being the kick-butt dare devil she is. Scaling a sky-scraper instead of attending school? Why not.

How she uses her smarts and fire to rebel against her government is a-maz-ing. Sing it with me. Oh yeah and that guy she meets along the way…cough cough DAY. Just go read it.

What You'll Need-10.jpg

newtBOWTRUCKLE! At first it was a little hard to think of a pet because they’re usually not too important in fiction…the only pet I could think of was Buttercup (the raging katniss-hating kittycat). So I chose a creature that isn’t EXACTLY A PET but eh close enough I still want Bowtruckle. Ahhhh I love this movie so much! This picture is really making me wanting to re-watch it! Oh and by the way, SPEAKING of Fantastic Beasts; if you loved it and are a Potterhead (inevitable not to be both) than you might enjoy checking out @Scamander’s Suitcase!

What You'll Need-11.jpg


I would definitely have to choose a place from a fantasy novel, (because who doesn’t like MAGIC?) so I chose the Land of Stories because how awesome would it be to see all these fairytales come to life, except in the Chris Colfer version (which is even BETTER DUH)?! To be specific, my plan would obviously be to live in the Fairy Kingdom and become the greatest fairy of all time (I keep wanting to spell it faerie!! Hey Cassandra Clare fans…) so I could REPLACE ALEX AS FAIRY GODMOTHER. MWAHAHAHA jk Alex is was a great fairy godmother! Still haven’t read the fifth book yet guys!!



The Happy Holidays Book Tag! (original)

Hey what’s up! I’ve missed blogging so much; my last post was in October which is ridiculous, but anyways it’s December now and GUYS I’ve already in the Christmas spirit since last February so I thought I’d create a fun tag to share! If you were not tagged at the bottom please feel free to do this and have fun with it! I can’t wait to see your answers!


  1. Thank the person who tagged you and tag the original creator (Sarah
  2. Answer the questions and have fun 🙂
  3. Feel free to use the graphics!

a book that…



This book kept my eyes glued to it for days, and basically there was just never a lull in it. It is so action packed and there’s so much drama going on with the characters *24/7*. Even if I was reading about Feyre, Rhysand, Cass, Az, Amren, and Mor locked in an empty room for a month I would still be obsessed. ACTUALLY THAT WOULD MAKE A PRETTY INTERESTING STORY…Except someone would end up dead (so probably definitely Cassian or Mor and it would end in one of them killing the other).



Okay maybe not so warm and happy at least half of the book but it still mostly  counts. Both the book and movie are so well done, and as much as I recommend both READ IT FIRST. I can state that this is the right thing to do from firsthand experience of breaking that rule. The first time I saw the cover of this book was when I was about ten years old and I instantly thought, “wow that book looks awful”. Funnily enough, it ended up being one of the most wise and true to heart stories I’d ever heard.



I was SO impressed with this book. It took so much convincing from a friend, because I was incredibly skeptical of the OTHER cover (Cassandra Clare fans you know what I mean) which I never loved nor will I grow to. Technically I finished this in two sittings but I mean…come on, I had it me, because we both know this book is *that* good.



This book is sitting on my book shelf, and I’ve never opened it since I got it months and months ago but it seems really quite interesting. Even though it looks like it represents and tragic story I love the cover, mostly because of how simplistic it is I think.

ugly sweater


Deep down, I always KNEW this was amazing, purely from the insane amount of positive book reviews I’ve read about it. I read the back of it when I first bought it and was totally wondering whether I should’ve bought this book, but little did I know I was just getting into my next obsession that basically took over my mind for the next, like year. (So yes I’m still fangirling over Rhysand in this exact moment.)



Wow I just noticed that I put this book at the top too. Honestly I just decided to leave it because it shows how I admire every aspect of this book. (also the characters in this book are my fictional best friends so what can I say this really is the ONLY choice) To assure you even further of my dedication to this series by the way, (this is getting so out of hand and extra I have a feeling you guys already understand) I just wanted to let you know that next to my desk where I’m writing this, is a picture I printed from the internet of fan art featuring Feyre, Rhys, Cass, Mor, Az, and Amren soooo…



This is my favorite book, which half of you reading this probably already know because I pretty much mention it in every book tag. The reason why I love it so much is because of how different it is from most other young adult literature. The characters are so real, the plot is anything but basic or expected, and the writing style is unique.

I tag:

And then…(I don’t like to be this person but I’m so tired and just want sleep)

I tag everyone reading this right now!

(dang this girl is so lazy)
But actually I mean it! I really hope this tag catches on so it would mean so much to me if you did do it, but more IMPORTANTLY I would LOVE to read your answers if you did so drop the link down below!! :))
Thanks for reading and happy holidays!!
xx sarah

TEN Unique Post Ideas for Book Bloggers

Hello!! Wow it’s been an inexcusably long time since my last post…I suppose school has been keeping me pretty busy. Thank you EVERYONE for helping me reach my goal of 700 followers for the summer, every follow means so much to me!

Ironically, I was blanking on what to write my next post about, and was looking up ideas when I was like, “Hey! I want to be a helpful person!” And somehow I thought of ten post ideas. When I couldn’t think of one ten minutes earlier. I hope you guys enjoy these ideas; if you use one of them drop the link to your post in the comments and I would LOVE to read it!! ❤️❤️


1.The Perfect Book Nook: List off the products that would transform a corner of your room into the perfect book nook. Have some fun with it; shop for furry egg chairs and unique bookcases…

2. Create Your Own Tag: This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever done on my blog, it’s so much fun. Just think of a bunch of questions that are all relevant to one theme, and tag a bunch of people so your it will hopefully catch on.

3. Rewrite the Story: Rewrite the chapter you are on in the book you are reading but from a different character’s POV. You could also write a poem from a character’s POV during one of the climaxes of the novel.

4. This or That: Hold a poll for which of two books you should read next if you’re in a bind. The books would preferably be hyped over ones because it would be more likely more people have read them and can offer you their opinion. If they’re not, just put both of the synopsis’ below the poll! (you can create the poll on and sign in with WordPress; it’s super easy.

5. Fictional Fam: Create your own fictional family. Choose your favorite characters from different books for your sister, best friend, boyfriend… *cough* everyone reading this is thinking Rhys there’s no point in lying. Have I told you I’m a psychic before?

6. Dream Cast: Choose a book that you would love to see adapted into a film, and choose the cast yourself! Put pictures of the actors/actresses next to the character and say why you would cast them.

7. Gaining Traffic 101: List out a bunch of tips for all the kinks of starting a blog that you had to work out on your own for anyone new to WordPress. For instance, it took me almost half a year to figure out how to design my blog to attract readers, but it’s also really important to have quality post ideas (ahaha) and writing, good graphics, etc. Hey, blogging is more work than most people think!

8. Books to Binge Read on a Rainy Day: Make a list of books that you read in a whiz! Include a short synopsis with the cover, and/or write about why you finished so quickly and loved it!

9. #bookwormproblems: Ugh only a bookworm could understand my pain. For people who need to sympathize about books on the internet…

10. Interview Your Favorite Character(s): For those of you who like to write fanfics, this is should come to you pretty easy (cough WATTPAD peeps) Pick one of your favorite character, and ask ‘them’ a bunch of questions (about what happened in the book, or just general questions about their personality). Answer as best you can for the character and try to copy the author’s character’s style in your writing.

xx sarah



Hi! Did you know it’s #nationaljustbecauseday?? I decided I’m going to be doing seasonal wrap-ups just because. Well I really actually do have reasons…

  1. I can’t wait 6 months for New Year’s Eve so I can be cool and make it my New Years’ blogging resolution.
  2. Just because day is simply the perfect excuse…




This is a pathetic number of books let’s be honest. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. The worst part is I’m still finishing ACOWAR. But I mean hey, as I write this there are technically 2 more days of summer left for me, and 100 pages a day is nothing. *Reader: …than why have you only read 5 books in 70 days*


A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Mass: ★★★★☆

At the time I thought it was really good but then when I read ACOMAF I was like EWWW TAMLIN, EWWW ACOTAR. **update: I now pity Tamlin.

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Mass: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

I’m being serious.

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Mass: ★★★★☆

Nothing can compare to ACOMAF, let’s be honest.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart: ★★★★★

I reread this because I was using quotes from it for my summer reading project. Who am I kidding, loved it as always.

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven: ★★★★☆

Well this ended up being exceedingly more heartbreaking than I would’ve thought. I *almost* cried. (So that means most people would cry lol) This will make such a good movie.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky: ★★★★★

Currently in the middle of this but so far this is what I rate it. *Reader: Um no. Just no.*


A COURT OF MIST AND FURY DUH. I can’t even explain the feels. I love all the characters SO MUCH (*nervous laugh* lol definitely NOT in love with Rhys…and Az). I wrote a very emotional review HERE. If you’re even slightly contemplating reading ACOTAR, then READ IT. I swear you will be thinking this after you finish ACOMAF: “WOW EVERY OTHER BOOK SUCKS BECAUSE THIS WAS SO GOOD IT CANNOT BE COMPARED TO ANY OTHER BOOK IN ALL OF HISTORY.” (well except for Lady Midnight. Except for Lady Midnight folks. ALSO ANOTHER BOOK I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!)



I found out about so many great blogs this summer and I know I’m missing at least 50 which makes me super mad. I swear I’m writing all my favorites down starting today. Anyways, here are a few fairly recent blogs I discovered and totally squealed over…

  • A Court of Books // LOVE. The. Name. Sorry I’m just fangirling over ACOMAF so hard lately. #Feysand #Jemma *HIGH FIVE*
  • Queen of Fantasy // Seriously, what a stunning blog girl. Fantasy is definitely one of my favorite genres so you can’t imagine how excited I was when I visited your blog…
  • The Cosy Reader // Such cute pictures, you need to win a book photography award. Actually though someone get on that.
  • To Borrow or To Buy // Way to spice reviewing up. #CREATIVITY
  • Busy Bee // Okay not even a book blog but this has to be the most adorable blog I have ever seen. All of the posts have super clean, cute photography, and great ideas/inspiration. I’m IN LOVE.

Chat with this fellow bookworm!-5

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 1.14.48 PM.png

Here I am, just sitting here and cringing at August. I haven’t wrote a post yet this week so that would probably help raise that bar a little…My goal I made at the beginning of the summer was 800 followers by the end, but as mid July approached and I didn’t spend too much time blogging I realized something and said, “You know 700 is good too.” And SO NOW I’M 9 FOLLOWERS AWAY FROM THAT REMADE GOAL! I hate to act so desperate but honestly there’s a reckless part of me just screamed “NINE. MORE.”, so if you’re reading this it would mean sooooo much to click that green follow button and bump 691 to 692. 😇😇

Speaking of followers…wow. Ever since I transformed Reading and Writing Posts-*CRINGES* *BARFS* THE CREATIVITY IN THE TITLE IS SIMPLY OVERWHELMING. (I also put art and photography on there too. *Sighs* At least I didn’t change it to Reading, Writing, Art, and Photography Posts. You know I think I considered that.) And continued: -to Between the Pages back in January, my stats literally went BOOM.

Funfact: Did you know that from June to January, Reading and Writing Posts only gained 100 followers?

Funfact: Did you know that from February to August, Between the Pages gained 600 followers? #hardwork #perseverance #DEDICATION #NOVACATION


Okay wow that sounded slightly obsessive.

xx sarah

The Perfect Summer Afternoon | how-to for all bookworms alike 🌞

Hello my fellow bookworms! It’s officially July! I hit a little boredom sesh this warm summer afternoon and THANK GOD I have you guys to blog to. What would my summer be without blogging? (If you really want to know, it would include lots of couches and Netflix.) So today I am planning out a perfect summer afternoon to avoid being as bored as I was.

What You'll Need.jpg

  • **A lawn** (Sorry but if you live in the city you won’t be able to do this.)
  • 1 towel & umbrella
  • A kitchen w/some food (you’ll see!)
  • Bug spray & sunscreen (probably preferable)
  • A Phone (laptop, or basically any electronic device)


What You'll Need-2.jpg

All you’ll need is some plain vanilla ice cream, milk, a blender, and these common household foods! Here are a few recipes I loved! (Disclaimer: all pictures and recipe descriptions by Joslyn Blair from Click the link if you’d like to see how to make EVEN more of these tasty milkshakes!












What You'll Need-3.jpg

Now that you have your *amazing* snack, you’ll just have to grab a few more things before you’re ready….some books, your phone/ipad/etc, and beach/pool towel! Carry as much of it as you can outside, because we all hate second trips (I’m so lazy). Drop everything on a nice spot of your lawn with the least bugs. (But you’ll have remembered bug spray anyways! Go preparation!)


What You'll Need-4.jpg

  1. Lay out towel in grass.
  2. Optional: Find an umbrella (or a parasol but who even owns those??) and prop it up on it’s side on the end of the umbrella where you’ll put your head.
  3. Place smoothie & book(s) under umbrella and open. You can even bring a journal if you want to write.
  4. Taste deliciousness in your mouth while with your fictional friends!!


What You'll Need-5.jpg


(Like me) Then here’s when the electronic device comes in…Download/open Spotify or Pandora. (Both are free, I promise!) Choose a radio (Pandora) or playlist (Spotify) to listen to while you relax! If you can read while listening to music that’s even better! (I could read through a rock concert, trust me, it’s called school.) I like to listen to the Acoustic Pop playlist on Spotify while working or reading.

The result: laying in the sun, reading with your head in the shade reading a great book (hopefully), listening to some great tunes, all while sipping deliciousness = the perfect summer afternoon for a bookworm!

Or just stay inside and be an air conditioned, pale couch potato.



The Mid-Year Freakout Tag | I feel so basic.

Hey bookworms! Lately I’ve kinda been craving to do a tag, and woohoo, I was tagged by these lovely ladies: Lyndsey @Lyndsey’s Book Blog and Stephanie @Stephanie’s Novel Fiction! Although pretty much EVERYONE has been doing this lately, but I say whatever. AGH I’M SO PREDICTABLE. Warning: I mention a few books multiple times, and I’m sorry (COUGH COUGH, The Dark Artfices).



I’m all in for mysteries, but I personally think that there isn’t a very wide range of them in YA. You’re probably thinking, “Maybe she could go out on a limb and at least TRY a book that isn’t YA for once.” Well you’ll see how well that worked out with All the Light We Cannot See, featured somewhere below…



If you read my last post, you may understand how hurt and mentally insane this book left me, but I love the characters and the writing because it’s not THEIR fault if someone dies or gets hurt. Wait take that back; CASSANDRA THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT YOU FICTIONAL MURDERER. And then there’s that second voice I have cheering on Clare for finally killing one, ONE character in *think Sarah, think* 720+720=1440 PAGES. I’m done practicing my math this summer! *gives myself slap on the back*



My best friend got this book for being an amazing writer, from our amazing English teacher and I don’t deserve it for being a ‘writer’ myself (basically I scribble crap down once a month) BUT I CAN STILL BE JEALOUS. Anyways, she started reading it and told me it’s good but HOW DO I KNOW SHE’S NOT LYING IF SHE DOESN’T USE BOOKMARKS? *GASP* I’M SORRY I REVEALED YOUR DEEPEST DARKEST SECRET TO THE INTERNET KIMBERLY. Oh yeah, hey peeps, go follow her blog pleaseeeee! (I’ll make sure she follows you back lol) She’s like another me but BETTER.



To be completely honest I’m not particularly excited for any releases in the rest of 2017. I was so pathetic thinking of upcoming releases (I have failed my duty as a bookworm I ask for forgiveness), that I had to look on Barnes and Noble. NOTHING. Except I found this one that is praised by the author of the book I’m reading right now that’s really good so I’m putting my trust in Jennifer Niffen. I feel like there were a lot of AMAZING releases in the first half of the year, and now there are no more new books and the authors are all drained out…Okay that’s a weird analogy.



Okay don’t hate on me yet so let me just EXPLAIN: I pick my books *extremely* carefully, so I’m almost never let down. (I sound ridiculous) Considering this book won the FREAKIN PULITZER PRIZE I had no doubt that I would love this book. Well it was indeed really good until they started diving into the mathematic world of triangulation to find some point for something with something somewhere??? I don’t even have a vague IDEA of what triangulation is, which as you might guess, got me very lost in the story. (current thought: maybe I should’ve googled it…) So lost that I had to put it down which really dissapointed me but I honestly just had no idea what was going on with one of the two main characters, Werner. I feel like I’m just really stupid but moving on. So it’s more like the dissapointment was my brain, not the book.


Once upon a time there was a girl (ME) who read The Schwa Was Here by Neal Shusterman (please take note that this is the same author) last summer, and was scarred as a reader AND a writer because it was THAT BAD. Scarred as a reader because I had to finish reading that horrendous clump of words so I wouldn’t fail my school assignment, and scarred as a writer because I could do better than that. The love triangle wasn’t even…CLICHE, because it failed to meet that level. I’ll save you from the specifics, but just don’t read it. SO, as you might assume I was very surprised after I finished this book which I hestitantly picked up. It was great! (for fans of Legend!!)



Stephanie Garber. You’ve probably heard me saying this a million times now but I can only really LOVE books that have great writing in YA, and I thought that Garber created the land of Caraval, like almost MAGICALLY. It was really good, and I could sincerely use a sequel, but I know that’s probably not going to happen. I would love more than anything for this to become a movie. It would actually be a killer movie; if you’ve read Caraval, even if you didn’t love it, just think about that.



OKAY CAN WE JUST APPRECIATE THE FANART FOR A SEC AND JEMMA. How can you not fall in love with Julian?? He’s so…IMPERFECTLY PERFECT I CAN’T BREATHE. Julian Blackthorn is pretty much my IDOL. Oh and the OTHER Julian from Caraval. I was really mad the whole book about how awful Scarlett was to him and the lack of TRUST she had. Well, that is, until he was DEAD. I was also mad about how she was going to bring back Tessa when Tessa was just kinda a brat (sorry) all along, whereas Julian died and it was half Scarlett’s fault.


Finch from All the Bright Places. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why, especially because he’s not a legendary shadowhunter (unfortunately) but I love how he helps Violet through her problems with her friends, fears, etc, even as he’s struggling to find himself. Finch doesn’t realize that he’s himself with Violet even though he’s so concerned about ‘which’ Finch Violet likes the most. What he can’t see is that there’s only one.



Honestly there’s quite a few now-a-days that I could list but pretty much any Dark Artifices book. And then, I’m halfway through All The Bright Places^^ which isn’t particularly sad so far (I’m halfway through) but there’s this sentence Finch says in the beginning of the book, ” ‘So not today,’ I sing. ‘Because she smiled at me.” And you have to read the book to understand but oh my god he decided not to commit suicide because a girl smiled at him. TELL ME THAT’S NOT SAD 😭😭


Okay I feel guilty for bringing The Dark Artifices up multiple times now but Julian’s personality makes me *SO* happy because of the way he takes care of his family and aw they’re all so cute together. #siblinggoals



Honestly, with the exception of The Hunger Games, I can’t think of ONE book to movie adaption that almost everyone is satisified with. Keeping that in mind, I do think that they did a pretty good job with this movie. It had a good cast, stayed close enough to the plot line, etc, and for viewers who hadn’t read the book yet, the director made sure for the puzzle pieces to come together in the end so well that they hit the viewer in the face.


Wow my blog has just been doing so much better this year, and I’m really proud of it, especially since I actually know what I’m doing hahaha. My favorite post would have to be (AH I LOVE ALL OF MY POSTS. Does make my ego seem really big??) The Would You Rather Tag because it was so fun making up the questions and reading other bloggers answers; I thought it was so cool that you guys did it!! ❤

Check ’em out!



I don’t think I’m going to like this book, but I’ve hardly read any of it so I don’t have the right to judge yet. On the contrary though, I really love this cover. Down to the color scheme, and all the little doodles of the people. (THAT FONT IN BLACK OMGGGG) Here We Are Now is an ARC I recieved at my public library (yay for my librarians!).




Yes I know, all series. What? I like my standalone books! (with the exception of Cassandra Clare). Series just yell COMMITMENT. Unless you’re in love with the characters…(JULIAN AND EMMA) I actually just bought ACOTAR, so I plan on reading that really soon, as well as Six of Crows on my kindle. NOW, here’s the important part: I have to do this school project for the summer and I can pick one book which I have to analayze quotes from. Which book shall I choose?? I’m going to predict you guys say Six of Crows…

I tag: 

Just Your Everyday Bookworm | Book Fandom 1001 |The Stylish Dreamer | Forever Book Blog


What’s your favorite quote?


The Dark Artifices by Cassie Clare | bringing on the fangirling

Lady Midnight (Dark Artifices Series #1)

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Publication date: 03/08/2016
Pages: 720

By the Angel, it’s a new series from the reigning queen of schmaltzy forbidden love against a backdrop of geysering green ichor.—Kirkus



Lord of Shadows (Dark Artifices Series #2) (B&N Exclusive Edition)

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Publication date: 05/23/2017
Pages: 608

Too new for praises but there will be plenty in this post from me so, here we go! (ew that rhymes)






Comment: DUH.

For the safety of the bookworm who is reading this and hasn’t read TDA/TMI:



Image result for the dark artifices funny

AND THE ROMANCE AGHHHHH. Like I mean, is Cassandra Clare casually trying to torture her readers?! Emma and Julian NEED to find a way to break the curse. I mean IT SHOULDN’T EVEN BE LEGAL TO MAKE A PERMANENT DECISION LIKE THAT WHEN YOU ARE TWELVE. Seriously?? What is the Clave thinking? Well take that back because the Clave is cruel and evil anyways so actually it makes perfectly logical sense! But honestly because Cassandra Clare is a ‘happily ever after’  author for the most part *CRIES* “LIVVYYYYYY, MAXXXXX it’s pretty predictable that the curse will be broken, but how?? *raises eyebrow* WELL WE MUST WAIT ONLY ONE WHOLE YEAR TO FIND OUT…


Can I please stab her through the words of my book?! How I feel about this character: AHHHHSDHREDH. It’s like the new Celeste from The Selection but a solid million times worse. She’s a disgrace to the shadow world, period. This sounds harsh but if you’ve read Lord of Shadows you know what I mean: ZARA GO AND LIVE IN A DARK HOLE ALONE. FOREVER.

_za•ra_n. a small, hideous, immortal , pestering fly that eternally clings to Emma and Julian.png

imageedit_7_9674461245.gif  annoy.gif


Dear Cassandra, let the dead be dead. IT’S PRETTY SIMPLE.

How many characters can come back to life? It’s starting to get slightly ridiculous. Not that I want death but, let’s count: Jace, Simon, Annabel, Malcom, (hopefully Livvy) and I feel like I’m missing a LOT more, but for some stupid reason I can’t find a list of the resurrected TMI characters?? (like why doesn’t that exist? lol) I felt like it was unnecessary for Malcom to come back from death because it was just like: wooowww you’re back again, except from the bottom of the ocean as a zombie to finish your messed up conquest.

_za•ra_n. a small, hideous, immortal , pestering fly that eternally clings to Emma and Julian-2.png


The TMI fam is back = happiness

Yayayayayayyyy so much more…MALEC! Oh yeah, also Clary, Jace, and people. Isn’t that just a LOVELY piece of fan art below? Lol I’m dying looking at this. MAGNUS LOOKS LIKE A DIVA/PUNK GIRL. I’M SO SORRY I SHOWED THIS TO YOU. 😂


Comment if you love Cassandra Clarelovesarah

500 Followers Q&A + GIVEAWAY!

Hello readers! Today is like HISTORY for Between the Pages, because we just reached 500 followers! And, the timing was just right, since it’s just about our one year blog-a-versary! Someone pull a party popper over my laptop please.

Giveaway Información!

SO, I decided to do my first giveaway for this momentous event, because I owe my readers big time for always being there to fangirl about books to.

**the link for the third entry is BROKEN, please press HERE for the correct link!!**

Image result for barnes and noble gift card

I will be announcing the winner next Saturday, and will e-mail them a $20 e-giftcard for B&N! You must have a WordPress blog to enter, so I can notify the winner via blog commenting, just to ensure the giftcard doesn’t get lost in some random inbox…

Because Barnes & Noble ships internationally, any blogger can enter! :))


Twin Bookmarks: If you we’re trapped on an Island 🏝 forever which book 🕮 would you take and why?

Hmmm I would say Lady Midnight. OR maybe The Book Thief, but that’s kinda a sad one. First of all, Lady Midnight is amazingly thick, and the characters would be the closest things to friends, because of their personalities.

The Writing Recipes: Do you keep a journal/diary? Why/why not?

No, because I don’t have the time or effort to write in one every day, but I do keep a journal for travel, because it’s really interesting to read your experiences in writing more vivid than your memory. I got this cute notebook for Christmas, and was like, “I’m NOT going to ruin this. I’ll use it as a journal, and not fail by suddenly not writing in it.” An oath was made that day.

Care Free Manatee: Do you ever think you will write a book? What genre would it be in?

Maybe. I mean, I would love to write a book, but I can only imagine how hard it must be to come up with an idea. I would definitely write a Young Adult book. (Unrelevant to my prior statements:) Something I have noticed is that your writing as an author merely has to be decent to write a YA novel, because it’s obviously written mainly for young adults who can’t comprehend writing like adults can. This means that if you have a great idea for your story, writing it is much easier for a YA genre.

Whimsically Meghan: Do you see yourself blogging for the years to come?

YES. I hope that I never have to give blogging up for school. It would make me so sad!

Penelope Crumb: Who was your first follower?

Ooh I know this but I forget the website URL. *going through all of my followers to the very end…* Okayyy FINALLY. My first ever follower was Senna @sameraketto!

Gracie Chick: Describe yourself in five words.

Oh my. This seems to be the favorite question at interviews, from my experience. Well, here’s a very rough answer: book addict, (yet) athletic, determined, and friendly. Yeah, I’m bad at this. But you know what? At least I’m sure I’m friendly. If you disagree…please just…UNFOLLOW. (IT PAINS ME TO SAY THAT) But please kindly wait to unfollow until I reach 501. Then you are free to go. 😢

Jeannette: If you won $5,000, what would you spend it on?

Um. BOOKS. Approximately 277 hardcovers to be precise. *please excuse my sass*

The Geck Online: How long have you been blogging for?

Image result for i year anniversary

One full year minus 22 days! My blog has just changed so much, and it has changed into an entirely different person. The experience has been incredible. *sobs dramatically*

Pictured on the left is my one year blog-a-versary gift to myself! I have a nice empty piece of wall space where I plan to hang it up. (just want to clarify that I am joking here, since it’s still in my Amazon shopping cart.) Okay I’m actually kidding about everything guys, I don’t want you to think I’m that extra.

Lively Pages: A fantasy book that made you cry?

Image result for lady midnight

THE DARK ARTIFICES are pure amazingness and there’s nothing on this earth like it. Seriously read it, but always remember to read TMI first, children!  (God how many times am I going to mention this book?!)

I actually don’t particularly remember crying over either of the TDA books, but honestly, you’d have to be heartless not to. Also you are heartless if you pass up the chance to make the number of likes on someone’s blog post a multiple of ten. Pure evil. (I know I had an inside joke about that with someone, but lord knows who.) Especially since my last blog post is at 59. Help guys!

My Bookish Life: Sunset or Sunrise?

Image result for sunset white bay

Getting emotional over this picture because I’m dying to be there. Meanwhile in New England…it’s absolutely BOILING HOT. *checks weather app* WOAH SIXTY DEGREES? THIS IS MADNESS.

I mean, after all it’s ONLY JUNE 4TH. I’m so distraught over the weather so far! There have been a few days in the eighties, but it hasn’t warmed up any since April for the most part. Currently wishing I carried out that plan to run away while on vacation…

And the biggest question of all…

Shouni: If Tessa, Clary and Emma were all in mortal peril and you could save one of them, who would it be?

Image result for emma carstairs

Oh god. It would have to be Emma. I feel like my answer is slightly biased though, since I just finished Lord of Shadows on Sunday. Speaking of which, I REALLY want to review that book, but it’s a sequel, (I dislike reviewing sequels for so many reasons) and I never even reviewed Lady Midnight soooo…

Back to Emma: She’s like my fictional idol. I don’t even know what to say lol. She’s just totally amazing. And then when her and Julian are doing pretty much ANYTHING together, it’s like the best thing in the world. They walk into the room together, **(high pitched) ahhhhhhh**. Not because they’re cute (although that too) but because they’re like power and fierceness and perfect warriors when they have eachother’s backs. You are probably high-key (is that even a thing??) judging me if you haven’t read TDA. If you have: yay you can fangirl with me over Emma and Jules!

Many thanks to the awesome bloggers who took the time to comment those questions! Also thanks to just everyone for getting my blog to 500 followers, you guys are so amazinggggg!!! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


The Would You Rather Book Tag (my own creation!)

Hello readers! Last night I was inspired by the lovely Brooke @FoodandFunStuff, to create a Would You Rather Book Tag! So yes, to answer your question, ultimately, I did tag myself. There’s no shame in tagging yourself guys! (That was a shout out to me one year ago.)

Would you rather…

  1. Have an unlimited money for Ebooks, or a 5,000 dollar B&N giftcard?

    I would choose to have a 5,000 dollar Barnes and Noble giftcard because I personally have a hate for reading on electronic devices…It’s just not the real thing, you know?

  2. Meet any deceased poet, or J.K. Rowling?

    I would meet a deceased poet, because finding out their inspirations for certain poems could be quite interesting. We assume that a good handful of them were a little um crazy, so sometimes no one knows why or how they came up with their stories and poems.

  3.  Write the world’s most famous book, or visit the world of your favorite book for one day?

    I would have to say that I would write the world’s most famous book; afterall the words on the pages alone are meant to transport you into the story. Not literally, but close.

  4. Choose          or        ? (Insert characters from your favorite fictional love triangle.)

    I would choose Gale between Peeta and Gale. It’s kind of an on going war about who is better between my friends and I…😂 There are numerous reasons why I think Katniss should have ended up with Gale, but I won’t get into that right now!

  5. Experience Hogwarts in a very realistic and accurate virtual reality, or travel around the world for a year, at no cost. 

    This is probably one of the hardest questions in this tag…Forgive me, but I think I would rather travel around the world for a year, because it’s simply real. Don’t get me wrong; the whole idea of Hogwarts in VR would be crazy amazing!!

I Tag:

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I’m not sure if this tag I made will actually catch on, but if you DO choose to do it, feel free to use the tag image I designed, located at the top of this post :). No pressure on anyone, but I would really appreciate it if you spread this tag! Enjoy!



Desert Island Discs Tag


Hello readers! Thank you Nadwa @PainfullyFictional for tagging me! If possible, swing by her lovely blog please. A book review is coming soon (Maus!), I promise; I’ve hardly reviewed any of the books I’ve read this this spring…whoops!


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You are cast away onto a remote island:

  • You can bring 5 albums, what are they?
  • You can bring ONE book (not including The Bible (or other appropriate religious texts) or The Complete Works of Shakespeare, as they are already provided and NO SERIES), what ONE book is it?
  • You can have one luxury item (it has to be inanimate and can’t help you escape the island), what is it?


The 5 Albums:

All these songs are extremely hyped over, but I don’t really have a super unique nor specific music taste…I’ve heard too much of Taylor’s newest album, 1989, and basically all of the Selena Gomez throwbacks, but her Revival album is so good it can’t even get on my nerves. I know, I know, Issues is a single but Julia’s voice in that song is just so PERFECT. On an off-note, Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray would be the perfect song for We Were Liars if it were to become a movie. No, I don’t make playlists for nonexistent movies in my free time. Yet.


The Book

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Although it’s up there, this is not my all time favorite book. But this is pretty much the only one that I could actually really enjoy rereading over and over and over again; the length is perfect. Every time I reread it I think I would interpret something new about the book. The writing, the characters, the heartbreak; it can’t even put it into words. I could never get sick of The Book Thief.

Lastly, if you have never read this, my only advice to you is: STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND SPEED AT ABOUT 100 MPH TO THE CLOSEST B&N. (If you have a license. Although that won’t really matter because you probably won’t have one after this anyways.) If you do this, didn’t enjoy the book, and generally feel it was a waste of money, just know I feel sorry about that pricey speeding fine you received.

The Item

Image result for icebreakers raspberry gum

Chewing gum. I wasn’t really sure what do, and almost chose a pillow or blanket but that’s a pretty boring choice. (Not that that would matter if I was actually being banished to an island lol.) I can just space out and need no entertainment if I have a piece of gum in my mouth. Honestly. Sometimes I can do that in school pretty well, until I am told to walk to the trash and spit it out. Jeez, all those stupid kids who stuck gum under desks…THEORY: Maybe more gum is stuck under the desks because the kids know they’ll get called out on if they get up to throw it away. Okay I’ll shut up now…gum can only be rambled about for so long.

I Tag

Swetlana @Readingthroughthenights/ Liv @LivalittleTheGeckOnline/ Dory @Fishthatreads/ Shouni @Throughthebookportal/ Hannah @Bookfreakout/ Icebreaker694/ Richard @TheHumpoShow/ Gracie Chick @ALightintheDarkness/ Beware of the Reader