♡ Hello ♡

Where’d my ponytail go?? Whatever I have brown straight hair if you’re wondering.

Hey there fellow bookworm, how’s it going? Well I feel like I’m talking to a wall, but regardless, it’s important for you to know I’m Sarah.

I started blogging the June of 2016, during a very hot, and particularly boring summer day. Completely unaware of the *awesome* blogging community (I now couldn’t live without), I simply knew I have a growing passion for books and WAIT WOAH YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN WEBSITE? And for FREE? And so my blogging journey began…

My favorite book is We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, and nothing will change that. Oh yes, and I’m also a die-hard Cassie Clare fan who has lots of crazy opinions, but above all has decided that Cara Deleveigne would be the PERFECT Emma Carstairs (look out for the fangirling madness). Basically, I’ll eat up pretty much any YA books, though mystery and fantasy are my favorite genres within YA. Let’s bond over books, and become bookish internet friends!

Professional Reader Image result for mystery blogger award Image result for the liebster awardImage result for versatile blogger awardImage result for sunshine blogger awardImage result for the miranda sings blogger awardImage result for the unique blogger award cramm.jpeg

Un-bookish facts about me:

  • My favorite Youtubers are Casper Lee, Sierra Furtado, Dan Howell, and Macerly!
  • My current show addiction is The Fosters.
  • The movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower is my absolute favorite *SOB* WATCH IT. NOW. (the one flaw: Addison Shepard is the mom UgH DeReK nO)
  • I did (key word DID) gymnastics as of my quitting just this year. I had been doing it for a longgggg time; 10 years!! So yes, I can do a backflip for you.
  • I’m a stylish bookworm. I love shopping. For books AND clothes. And shoes, jewelry, makeup, I can’t walk out of target without buying random junk, all Essie nail polish is heavenly- *COUGH* UM SARAH I’M PRETTY SURE THIS IS A BOOK BLOG. (Did I just talk in 3rd person? Great.)

xx sarah

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  1. Hi Sarah your blog is very nice (and not in the shallow “nice” way) 🙂 I began blogging two months ago and keep visiting other blogs to have ideas. I’m happy you have a YA blog as I love the genre. Now my blog is a cross between adult and hot/dark + YA + fantasy and PNR. I love them all depending my mood LOL Following now and hoping you reach your 300. Xoxo

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    • Thank you!! That’s so sweet :)) It’s great that you do such a variety of reviews! Your blog looks WAY better than mine did at two months (hehe let’s just say it looked nothing like this). Wonderful job attracting readers and writing quality reviews! Good luck, I’m sure it will get far in no time. 😉❤️

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    • Ohhh my post header images? OR the flowers? I’m going to go out on a LIMB and guess it’s the post header images…I designed them on a website called Canva (I also designed my blog title there) and you can sign up for free! 🙂 If you mean the flowers, those are May’s, and I find my own around google images (although sometimes it’s hard to find good ones for free).

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