Popular Graphic Novels You’ll *Fly* Through

Hello readers! Let’s talk about a few graphic novels that are totally worth mentioning. I’ve found that graphic novels make a good break from regular reading, so it’s nice to pick one up every once in a while.

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I used to be absolutely crazy for this series; it was probably my favorite book. Although, way back then I hadn’t read a whole lot of young adult novels, so who knows how good my judgment was lol?

Narae Lee’s artwork is truly amazing, and in addition she gets the same story across as the original novels but so much better. I own this series and I have re-read every book millions of times (not even an exaggeration)…

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Cardboard takes you on an adventure as you flip through the pages. The entire story is absolutely brilliant, and there is great character development displayed throughout the book.

The author’s artwork is very distinguished from other graphic novels, and has a generally jagged design (which isn’t bad). Read this if you’re seeking action and excitement; I guarantee  it’ll take you places in your imagination.

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I had enjoyed the first installment, Smile, but I must admit this was at least twice as good! It was humorous, and simply about Raina’s road trip with her siblings. There are a bunch of flashbacks, and Raina (the author) does a really nice job creating the younger versions of all the characters.

One of my favorite things about these books though, are that they’re real stories. And the thing is, she wasn’t anyone particularly famous before she wrote these books, but Raina simply wrote about her life, and benefited from combining that with her talent for literature and art!


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Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier

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I recently found out about this book through my sister, and borrowed it from her once she had finished. It came out very recently, and I was so pleased to know that Raina Telgemeier had written another graphic novel!


Catrina and her family move to Northern California, for her little sister, Maya, is very sick. Cat is very unpleased about leaving home, but she knows Maya will be healthier living on the coast with the salty, cool air, because of the condition she has, called cystic fibrosis.

The two sisters find that adventure awaits in their new home, Bahía de la Luna. They hear rumors from their neighbor that ghosts wander all around the place, especially on Día de los Muertos.

Maya’s last wish would be to meet a ghost, but Cat is reluctant to the thought of it. She must discover the brightness that lives among the dead, on this treasured holiday, so that she can fight through her fears for both herself, and her family.


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It was okay, and certainly not bad, but it wasn’t as captivating as her first book. I felt it could’ve gone slightly more into depth about the tradition of the holiday, and the book was kind of predictable. The author’s illustrations are cute though, plus the idea of the story was original, since it was dealing with the Spanish culture. All in all, I do recommend that you should read this.


Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield


I confess that I actually read this a month or two ago, and I just recently had started to consider to do a review on it.  I want to try the Uglies series, even though I wasn’t a huge fan of this novel, because Uglies seems to have better praises.



Afterworlds was exceptionally good, but I felt that the length of it was dragged on quite a bit.  I read the first couple hundred pages with no problem, but by the time I reached around page 430/608 I had to be done. The first half was actually pretty great, but it just tended to get less interesting as I went on. The opening was the perfect way to grab an reader’s attention, so I had high expectations, and was disappointed because I couldn’t bring myself to even finish it.

What made this book unique, was how every other few chapters, you’d be reading about Darcy’s life, and then what’s happening in her novel. I enjoyed her novel much more than her writing-drama filled life, unfortunately.


Darcy Patel lives in New York City, while her new novel is in the making. She has the help of other authors along the way to get her novel to bookstores, as she adjusts to her new life. Darcy must face the challenge of getting her book through the publishing process, and that challenge partly consists of finding her novel’s perfect conclusion; tragic, or your classic happily-ever-after perfect ending?

Meanwhile, in Darcy’s novel Afterworlds, the main character, Lizzie enters the Afterworld after a sudden near death experience. “The Afterworld is a place between the living and the dead, and where many unsolved—and terrifying—stories need to be reconciled” (from Barnes and Noble Summary, couldn’t put a finger on how to describe it). While escaping real life to the Afterworld, she doesn’t realize the danger it holds, as she is determined to put her new found power to travel in between worlds to the greater good. Although Darcy soon discovers that her ability can be as deadly as it is powerful, because it can be all to easy to slip from in between worlds to one permanently, if she takes one, wrong, step.