Hello hello hello! I’ve felt so busy lately because I’ve been at preseason volleyball practices 5 hours everyday. Yeesh this is the most I’ve been looking forward to the weekend since June! I try to make my book reviews sound interesting but seriously the title is NOT A CLICKBAIT LIE. This review is generally for ACOMAF but ACOTAR (the first book) is also included for those of you who haven’t read it yet.

PLEASE let’s just APPRECIATE the lovely featured image above that I put together. *heart eyes* The art is by Charlie Bowater; I’m seriously in love with all of her ACOTAR pieces.



When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for it. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she only knows about from legends, Feyre discovers that her captor is not an animal, but Tamlin—one of the lethal, immortal faeries who once ruled their world.

As she dwells on his estate, her feelings for Tamlin transform from icy hostility into a fiery passion that burns through every lie and warning she’s been told about the beautiful, dangerous world of the Fae. But an ancient, wicked shadow over the faerie lands is growing, and Feyre must find a way to stop it . . . or doom Tamlin—and his world—forever. (from BarnesandNoble.com)




(NON-SPOILER) A SOLID five stars for the whole series. If you’re into fantasy you will hands down love this with all your heart but even if you’re not, this is honestly just a book that is so above and beyond amazing it’s hard not to love it. You get sooooo attached to the characters like their your real family (Okay I have a big imagination…BUT THEY’RE HONESTLY SO AWESOME). The writing is really good, and Maas describes the settings of Prythian really well so it’s easily imagined to be the magical, but terrifying land full of unexpected surprises and plot twists that keep you reading. I haven’t loved a series so much since Cassandra Clare’s The Dark Artifices. (Which I LOVE LOVE. With an undying passion.)

(SPOILER) Whenever their whole little ‘family’ (Mor, Cass, Az, Feyre, Rhys) goes into battle/a fight together they are literally the ultimate team and I’m just reading like YEAH YOU SLAY FEYRE. SLAY THEIR HEADS OFF. Then there’s the all powerful Amren who’s just blasting things out of the sky and dominating. Mor is over there sizing up some other woman like you think you are prettier than me? Watch me kill you in 3 seconds flat. And Cassian like LOL YOU’RE DEAD *swoosh* AND YOU *swoosh* AND YOU *swoosh*.

Ianthe is a literal Zara Dearborn. If I was Feyre I wouldn’t have been able to stay strong and not stab her to death in the tent that night…I also actually really like Lucien, like I mean it’s kind of not his fault that he’s the emissionary of a high lord gone rogue. Like jeez where did you EXPECT him to go?? I think the whole mate idea thing is pretty weird (but AWESOME in Feyre and Rhys’ case) though, because there’s just someone that you’re automatically destined to be with? Um no. I don’t ship Nesta and Cass; I mean I DO but I DON’T. They ARE pretty much perfect for eachother I suppose but I don’t like Nesta still soooo.

I WAS LITERALLY BEING DRIVEN INSANE THROUGHOUT THE FIRST 400 PAGES OF ACOMAF. FEYRE AND RHYSAND. They were flirting like every second of their existence since they met each other and I was like CAN SOMEONE KISS SOMEONE ALREADY. (THE COURT OF NIGHTMARES OH MY GODDDD) But really all the fan art of them are the actual cutest things in the world. Also, Starfall was ADORABLE EEK @*#$!&. There were moments in the book where my face was just crumpling up at their cuteness.

“To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys.”
Rhys clinked his glass against mine. “To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered.”

This THIS is my god dang background for my laptop and my phone I am so obsessed. And it’s on the side bar.

“I fell in love with you, smartass, because you were one of us—because you weren’t afraid of me, and you decided to end your spectacular victory by throwing that piece of bone at Amarantha like a javelin. I felt Cassian’s spirit beside me in that moment, and could have sworn I heard him say, ‘If you don’t marry her, you stupid prick, I will.”


“If you were going to die, I was going to die with you. I couldn’t stop thinking it over and over as you screamed, as I tried to kill her: you were my mate, my mate, my mate.”

Can we talk about how mad I was when Feyre was so pissed about Rhys not telling her they are mates like FEYRE REALLY. WHAT WAS HE SUPPOSED TO DO? “Hello my name’s Rhysand. Oh by the way I’m your mate. I hope you like me.”  Okay moving on though, here is some of my favorite ACOMAF humor and fan art . For more visit my bookish Pinterest board! ^_^  By the way I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to the polandbananasBOOKS review for the books in this series (and just every book you read) after you’re finished with them!!

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A Court of Thorns and Roses | #thatancienttbrbook

What up readers, it’s SUNDAY! And I have to leave for camp today…(when your brain doesn’t know whether you should be happy or sad about something) So yep I’ll be off the grid until next weekend. Hopefully not COMPLETELY though, because I’ll have my phone with the handy dandy glitch central WordPress app, and if it’s not acting up on me I’ll try to answer comments and all that. ALSO, when I went to the Barnes and Noble website yesterday this happened: EEKKKKK SO EXCITED.





Publisher: Bloomsbury USA

Publication date: 05/05/2015
Pages: 432

“A gorgeously written tale as lush and romantic as it is ferocious. Absolutely spellbinding.” —Alexandra Bracken, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author





When nineteen-year-old huntress Feyre kills a wolf in the woods, a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for it. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she only knows about from legends, Feyre discovers that her captor is not an animal, but Tamlin–one of the lethal, immortal faeries who once ruled their world.

As she dwells on his estate, her feelings for Tamlin transform from icy hostility into a fiery passion that burns through every lie and warning she’s been told about the beautiful, dangerous world of the Fae. But an ancient, wicked shadow over the faerie lands is growing, and Feyre must find a way to stop it . . . or doom Tamlin–and his world–forever. (synopsis from barnesandnoble.com)




You guys have no idea how long this has been on my tbr. I bought it a month ago, but JUST got around to reading it this week and IT MET ALL MY EXPECTATIONS PERFECTLY AND I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF THAT I READ IT AT LAST.


Of course though, from the billion reviews on this series I’ve skimmed over blogging, I KNOW that Feyre ends up with Rhysand. (Still gonna pronounce it Rye-sand even though Sarah J. Mass clearly stated it is Ree-sand in the pronunciation guide.)

So the entire book the TEMPTATION to ship #feylin was just staring me in the face, but I was like: no I’m going to learn to love and accept Rhysand. And you’re probably thinking: UM SARAH THAT’S UNNECESSARY THE AUTHOR MAKES YOU LIKE HIM. But the thing is, that NEVER WORKS ON ME. I always get stuck on the first boyfriend they introduce and I just CAN NOT MOVE ON. Like for example The Hunger Games…GALE WAS MEANT TO FALL IN LOVE WITH KATNISS BECAUSE IF HER NAME WASN’T PICKED SHE NEVER WOULD’VE GIVEN A CRAP FOR PEETA. It was simply not meant to be because CLEARLY if you’ve been living in the same 100 yards or whatever for your entire life and never cared or acknowledged each other than NO. JUST NO. WHY WOULD THAT HAPPEN.

Okay moving away from The Hunger Games now, (so the Team Peeta fans don’t come after me) I was literally just so distraught that Feyre isn’t going to marry Tamlin and live their eternal happily ever after. *SOB*


Okay what’s pretty sad is that all I’ve talked about is the romance, but to be honest I AM FORESEEING A KILLER LOVE TRIANGLE. AND MANY HEARTS WILL BE BROKEN. (so mine and Tamlin’s) Anyways, overall I saw no major flaws in the writing or plot line, and I can’t WAIT to buy the next book. (it’s not at my library *ultra frowny face*) And disclaimer…You may also apply that gif to my editing skills. Leaving for camp in 30 MINUTES!!




The Dark Artifices by Cassie Clare | bringing on the fangirling

Lady Midnight (Dark Artifices Series #1)

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Publication date: 03/08/2016
Pages: 720

By the Angel, it’s a new series from the reigning queen of schmaltzy forbidden love against a backdrop of geysering green ichor.—Kirkus



Lord of Shadows (Dark Artifices Series #2) (B&N Exclusive Edition)

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Publication date: 05/23/2017
Pages: 608

Too new for praises but there will be plenty in this post from me so, here we go! (ew that rhymes)






Comment: DUH.

For the safety of the bookworm who is reading this and hasn’t read TDA/TMI:



Image result for the dark artifices funny

AND THE ROMANCE AGHHHHH. Like I mean, is Cassandra Clare casually trying to torture her readers?! Emma and Julian NEED to find a way to break the curse. I mean IT SHOULDN’T EVEN BE LEGAL TO MAKE A PERMANENT DECISION LIKE THAT WHEN YOU ARE TWELVE. Seriously?? What is the Clave thinking? Well take that back because the Clave is cruel and evil anyways so actually it makes perfectly logical sense! But honestly because Cassandra Clare is a ‘happily ever after’  author for the most part *CRIES* “LIVVYYYYYY, MAXXXXX it’s pretty predictable that the curse will be broken, but how?? *raises eyebrow* WELL WE MUST WAIT ONLY ONE WHOLE YEAR TO FIND OUT…


Can I please stab her through the words of my book?! How I feel about this character: AHHHHSDHREDH. It’s like the new Celeste from The Selection but a solid million times worse. She’s a disgrace to the shadow world, period. This sounds harsh but if you’ve read Lord of Shadows you know what I mean: ZARA GO AND LIVE IN A DARK HOLE ALONE. FOREVER.

_za•ra_n. a small, hideous, immortal , pestering fly that eternally clings to Emma and Julian.png

imageedit_7_9674461245.gif  annoy.gif


Dear Cassandra, let the dead be dead. IT’S PRETTY SIMPLE.

How many characters can come back to life? It’s starting to get slightly ridiculous. Not that I want death but, let’s count: Jace, Simon, Annabel, Malcom, (hopefully Livvy) and I feel like I’m missing a LOT more, but for some stupid reason I can’t find a list of the resurrected TMI characters?? (like why doesn’t that exist? lol) I felt like it was unnecessary for Malcom to come back from death because it was just like: wooowww you’re back again, except from the bottom of the ocean as a zombie to finish your messed up conquest.

_za•ra_n. a small, hideous, immortal , pestering fly that eternally clings to Emma and Julian-2.png


The TMI fam is back = happiness

Yayayayayayyyy so much more…MALEC! Oh yeah, also Clary, Jace, and people. Isn’t that just a LOVELY piece of fan art below? Lol I’m dying looking at this. MAGNUS LOOKS LIKE A DIVA/PUNK GIRL. I’M SO SORRY I SHOWED THIS TO YOU. 😂


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The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester

Image result for the girl who could fly victoria forester

“It’s the oddest/sweetest mix of Little House on the Prairie and X-Men.”-Stephanie Meyer


Today I will be reviewing my first novel that is not young adult. I won’t be doing this particularly often, but I chose to review this book because it was probably the first novel that I read that I could truly consider my favorite.

I reread it still, because it’s a book that I recommend for anyone to can read. I personally, first read it when I was nine/ten-ish, I’d like to say.  Although, it’s not written specifically for a elementary school reading level. It is written quite nicely, for a large age group.


Piper lives with her family out on the countryside, with her Ma and Pa. All they want is for their daughter to be normal, but it’s nearly impossible, since she has had the abnormal ability to hover off the ground since she was a baby. After years of wondering what she is capable of, Piper tests herself, and finds that she can most certainly fly.

After Piper accidentally uses her newly acknowledged power in public, everyone in the small town now believes different is dangerous, applying to her. Feeling out of place in her unwelcoming town, she is offered a spot at an institute called I.N.S.A.N.E. for children that have special powers, similar to her own.

She at last is appreciated by those who surround her, and Piper feels content. Although, she doesn’t realize how rare and unique her ability to fly is, and that she is wanted by dangerous people. Piper must discover who wants to take her and her classmates’ powers away from them, and escape the unknown enemy before they can grasp what they desire from the kids. Piper and her friends do know that the enemy won’t be taking away only their powers, but will also be erasing who they are, which Piper can’t afford to lose at any cost.


Image result for clipart pretty flowerImage result for clipart pretty flowerImage result for clipart pretty flowerImage result for clipart pretty flowerhalfflowerrating

Four and a half flowers! I still enjoy re-reading this book, and remain entertained. Sure, the writing isn’t super advanced or anything, but it’s fair enough. The characters are very unpredictable, which makes this book exciting. The setting and the characters are so amazing to imagine. The ending is basically perfection, although the beginning is a very slightly slow start. They begin on the countryside, where Piper lives on the farm, and it isn’t that bad or anything, but it certainly gets much better. (Like how Katniss starts of in district twelve, but then jumps into the Hunger Games.)

Thanks for reading!


The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Pages: 448

Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers

Released: August 12th, 2014

I originally saw this book sitting on the table at the library, and I needed something to read, so I decided this looked interesting enough. But trust me, this book not being interesting was something I never had to worry about. You’d imagine this to be your stereotypical-vampire-fantasy, although it’s luckily much more than that. It took me a couple of days to finish this novel, and I most certainly enjoyed it; I even think there is the total possibility of an amazing sequel, given the ending.




One morning Tana finds herself asleep in a bathtub, at a party, but the house seems to be unnervingly quiet. Little does she know, she will soon open the door to find nearly all her friends and classmates murdered by vampires. While she escapes from the house, she brings along a friend and a vampire named Gavriel, but then is bitten by a (different) vampire, so her only choice is to head towards Coldtown: the cage where all the vampires and infected are kept.

Those who live in Coldtown are isolated in there forever, because if you go in, you can never get out; with the exception of a rare marker of course. Tana gets ahold of one, so she enters Coldtown, knowing that if necessary, she can escape. She must stay in there for 89 days, in order to fight off the infection. When she does enter, she realizes that the glamorous Coldtown she saw on TV and had heard of, is completely fake; the place is truly a mixture of horror and misery. She must find some way to escape it, and bring her friends to safety as well. The only catch is that Gavriel may be more deadly than she realized, but there are even deadlier out there, that they must escape from, meanwhile figuring out each other’s true identities.


Image result for clipart pretty flowerImage result for clipart pretty flowerImage result for clipart pretty flower75percentflowerrating.png

3 3/4 Flowers

Yes, we’ve all heard of books about people who get this disease that transforms them into a vampire, but have you heard of Coldtown? This book grabbed my attention nicely, and took about 4/5 days to finish. Not bad, but it wasn’t always an edge-of-your-seat-read, although I must admit that it did have its moments.

The setting was amazing of course, since the whole book is based around the idea of Coldtown: a prison for vampires and the infected. The main characters were pretty good, if you ask me! My only concern with this novel was probably all the characters though. I think it got just slightly confusing at times, because quite a few were introduced, but it wasn’t that bad. I’ll put this rating more straight forward: I enjoyed it, and I feel that it deserves to be more recognized, because I’d heard of Holly Black before of course, but in my prior experiance, I had known her as the author of The Iron Trials actually.

Thank you,


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

As ridiculous as it sounds, I felt so neglected to post this because now that adorable puppy picture above my last book review, The Unexpected Everything, will no longer be on my home page!  Anywaysdespite that, I’m enjoying writing this review because this book was fabulous. This review is only for the first book in the trilogy, Red Queen, not Glass Sword too (sorry!). As you may have noticed, I have not done any book reviews for book sequels. I may get there at some point, but for now I feel it’s not incredibly necessary because usually I get carried away with a series whether or not the reviews say the sequel is good…I hope that makes sense, although you’re probably thinking it does not!


4.25 STARS

You may have realized that I have a serious obsession with rating books 4.25 stars, but I swear, I do not rate all my books this (only like half). I rate my books averaged upon the goodreads rating and my own, to make sure it’s at least relatively accurate.

This books is the perfect fantasy YA novel! It is relatively similar to The Selection: both based around a poor girl who protects her sister, and then they suddenly become royalty, under unfortunate circumstances but then lead to good things happening. So if you like that novel or fantasy, I’m sure you’ll be a fan of Red Queen.


Mare Barrow struggles to help keep her family safe and alive, but she unfortunately has no talent, which means no job. The only way she can help is stealing, that is until her conscription arrives. Mare is one of the red blooded people; the silver blood look down upon them, and call themselves gods, because of their powers. They leave nothing for the reds, as they live their lives greedily in riches.

On everyone’s 18th birthday, they are sent to war, as the silvers call conscription, and few survive it. Before that day comes, unexepectedly, Mare is taken to the palace where she becomes a servant for the silvers. She soon learns she is unique and may not fit in either category  of red or silver blood, which is a dangerous trait to have since it ruins the system of government, ruled by the silvers. Mare learns that different is more dangerous than you’d think.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Sorry it’s been so long since the last time I posted something, I was at camp for the last two weeks!

I had always considered reading this book, but was skeptical about it. By the time I finished reading the first page though, I was sucked into the story and ended up finishing it in two days! Make sure to see the TV series on Free form after you read the book.


Image result for clipart pretty flowerImage result for clipart pretty flowerImage result for clipart pretty flowerImage result for clipart pretty flower75percentflowerrating

This book starts in the depth of action, and makes you curious to what’s going on; the story pulls you in instantaneously. I fell in love with nearly everything about this book; it had so many great cliffhangers and characters! This novel is most certainly interesting the entire way through, and it won’t be leaving you twiddling your thumbs. Being slightly older than the books that are popular today such as The Hunger Games, it seems to be that not many people my age have read it.


Sixteen year old, Clary Fray lives only with her mother, and she would be surprised to find how many secrets her only family hides.  Clary thinks she lives a normal life, with her best friend Simon, until her mother goes missing and she learns she is a Shadowhunter; this means her job is to protect people from demons.  Little does Clary know, there is much more to what makes her unique than just that.

She is soon introduced to the Institute, where she learns what her mother tried to protect her from her entire life.  There, Clary meets three Shadowhunters: Alec, Jace, and Isabelle, and with them she sets out to save her mother, and along the way, the four teenagers slowly unravel their past.


Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

I read this book because I was looking for something to read among YouTube, and I noticed that this book was commonly recommended.  Although it I had heard it is a good book, I couldn’t find it at the library, or at the Barnes & Noble store, so I ordered my own copy online.  I read it in around two weeks, so I obviously wasn’t consistently reading it.


I give Rebel Belle 3.5 stars because it was kind of weird, but don’t get me wrong, it was also good at the same time.  The characters were likable and all, but here’s the thing: when the main character gets these so called ‘super powers’, that’s when it gets weird. I mean you’ll kind of see what I’m talking about after you read the book, because the whole thing is actually complex and hard to explain without giving too much away.


Harper Price is a ‘peerless southern belle’, and when she is about to be crowned homecoming queen, something rather unexpected happens when she takes a visit in the school’s restroom.  That night she left with more than a tiara, because she now has super powers.

Her new powers come with responsibility though, because she is a now a paladin (guardian) now.  Paladins must protect one person with their life, and she finds out that that person is David Stark: her lifelong enemy.  But after she starts to really get to know him behind all his hatred, she learns that he may not be quite as bad as she’s always assumed he was.  Can Harper accept that her own destiny is already decided for her, and that she must give up her own life for David’s?  As she senses death around every corner, Harper realizes she may have to sacrifice herself much sooner than anyone had anticipated.



Alice in Wonderland Twists


Here are a few novels related to the amazing original movie Alice in Wonderland.  It tends to be a very interesting topic, when a twist is put on it…

Splintered by A.G. Howard

This novel is 3 1/2 stars because I really enjoyed the ending and you were easily pulled into it.  Although, about midway, I felt like the idea began to get slightly stretched.  I also got a little lost with all the crazy creatures and features (😅) of Wonderland.  In general, the storyline was great and totally unpredictable!


Ever since Alyssa Gardener’s great-great grandmother Alice Liddell visited Wonderland, every woman in her family has had a curse laid upon the.  The curse guarantees that they are all certifiably insane; for they take on strange habits like whispering to insects and being unable to control their rather strange actions.  Alyssa’s mother inherits all this madness, like all the others, and after watching her mother slowly lose herself, Alyssa decides to set out to put this whole wonderland curse to a stop.  For Alyssa fears most that she will slowly transform into her own mother; drowned in madness forever more.

With the help of her mother’s clues, she travels to Wonderland to rid her family of the curse, and accidently pulls her boyfriend Jeb into the madness with her.  When they arrive, they discover that the real Wonderland is a truly twisted place, and differs from Lewis Carroll’s magical story, Alice in Wonderland.  With the help of Alyssa’s long lost friend Morpheus, Alyssa and Jeb venture throughout Wonderland, to fix Alice’s mistakes, in order to rid the family curse.  But as Alyssa’s alys slowly unfold their secrets along with Wonderland itself, she realizes that she got herself into a mess much bigger than she imagined.  Maybe Wonderland isn’t as magical as Lewis Carroll made it seem to be, and he got the story all wrong.

Deceived by the world renown fairy tale Alyssa grew up with, she ventures throughout Wonderland submerged in curiousity, unaware of what deadly secrets it may hide.


Down the Rabbit Hole

I give this novel 4 stars, because it jumps into the mystery fairly quick. (3 if you dislike mystery novels, I am not huge fan of them myself, but this one was really good!)  The author did a very good job getting you intrigued in how the main character, Ingrid, figured out how to solve the mystery.  It was well written, a pretty quick read, and straight to the point.


Ingrid Levin-Hill loves to do theater, so she tries out for the lead of an Alice in Wonderland play.  She has to deal with her own everyday problems of course: her enemies, her friends, sports; the common stuff that most kids deal with.

Ingrid accidently visits the wrong house one day, which happened to be during a murder scene.  When she went to go back to go back to retrieve her prized shoes, investigators of the scene notice that they had suddenly disappeared.  She becomes guilty, because she went back for her shoes, which brought her deeper down into ‘the rabbit hole’.

Meanwhile, the play director becomes injured, and a new one takes place, which leaves the play in trouble.  But somehow, Ingrid feels that the play and the murder may have something in common…