Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

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I’ve honestly been thinking about how when I reach 100 followers I will have a party (probably with myself, but I’ll see if I can drag my dog with). Anyways, I’m sooo happy that I had finally decided to pick up this book because it had been sitting on my shelf for months and months. I know, it is an unforgivable crime. Especially once I realized it was so amazing!


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You know, I’ve read the boy in the Striped Pajamas (which was fairly similar), but it wasn’t nearly as good as this book. Between Shades of Gray has many great characters, is written amazingly, and a much more adventurous plot. I finished this book in a couple days, and I definitely think everyone should read this, because the events of this book were 99% real I’d say (except for the characters of course). It was like your fiction and non-fiction novel for if you enjoy reading fiction a lot, than this book makes you feel like your reading something real-world important (you know what I mean, I just can’t describe it in words). At the same time though, it’s like anything can happen in this novel.

In my opinion, the one small flaw of this book is the ending, because it doesn’t finish up at at a happy ending exactly. Although, in the history part afterwords it does explain that the everyone ends up happy, which is close enough I suppose…


Lina has nearly all she can wish for: the comforts of both her home and family, meanwhile her father has a good occupation, working for the university. Suddenly, everything Lina and her family has held dear, is taken when the Soviets barge into their homes one night and take everything. Her Papa is taken separately, and Lina fears where they will take him. Lina, her mother, and brother, Jonas, are taken to live in a small train car along with many of the other citizens of Lithuania, where her home is. Those on the carts are considered thieves and prostitutes, therefore owe 25 years of labor, but these innocent people know that this is not the true reason why.

Lina soon figures out they are heading towards Siberia, and have to survive on the very little supplies they have, if they ever want to make it home. Can Lina manage to bring her family to safety as a whole, and escape Stalin’s wrath towards freedom? To do so, Lina must be able to see the light they will someday reach, between shades of gray.