I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

At first I held off this book, because I thought it was going to be way too weird with the whole alien invasion topic, but it was surprisingly good!  It is definitely the kind of book that jumps right into the action, which I always tend to like.  I feel like it wasn’t too ‘out there’, and I really liked this book.

By the way, make sure to check out the movie after you read the book…


I give this novel 3.75 stars because although it was pretty good, I just felt this book didn’t quite have it’s own uniqueness.  To me it is one of those ‘just ok books’, but slightly a level above that.  So maybe this isn’t a must read, but it definitely is something to try sometime, because I think most of you would like it.


John has lives his live on the run, because he is no ordinary teenager, but from an entirely different planet.  He is one out of the eight others kids who survived the attack on their home planet, and was able to make it to Earth. John’s enemy, the ones who were responsible for the attack, are still trying to hunt him and the eight others down on Earth.

John has no real home, family, and practically a life, until he arrives in Paradise, Ohio.  He starts to make friends, and lead a normal life, but he soon learns that his life on the run may never allow the things and people that could make his life enjoyable.  He must make the decision of whether he wants to sacrifice the future of his home planet, or a normal life worth living.


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

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This book is a must read, and yes, there are quite a few books that are based upon virtual gaming, but this one strongly stands out.  I definitely can’t wait for the movie that is coming out, but unfortunately not for another year or two because they just began filming. (On the bright side, the director is Steven Spielberg.)


This book is indeed very good, and maybe I gave it four stars only because I’m not at all into gaming.  But if I gave it four stars and I don’t like video games, then it has to be pretty good!  They talk about all sorts of video games, but let’s not get carried away.  So, long story short, whether or not you like gaming, this is an incredible book.

Personally, what I liked about this book:

  • It is dystopian fiction (my favorite genre)
  • Great ending
  • Liked the whole virtual reality theme of the book (very interesting)

Although, it did take me a little bit to actually get hooked on it.  But when I did, I couldn’t take my eyes of the pages!


By 2045, nearly the whole world lives in the OASIS, a virtual ‘video game paradise’.  Anyone would rather lose themselves in the game than bring themselves to broad daylight.  Their society struggles with overpopulation and energy shortages, forcing everybody to try to ignore what a terrible place the world has truly become.

The OASIS’s brilliant creator, James Halliday, suddenly dies, and when he does he leaves  an Easter Egg hidden inside it.  If you find it, you win yourself fame and fortune, because you are the new ruler of the OASIS, which is now the real world for people.  Eighteen year old Wade Watts is determined find the Egg, but with how little he has to spare, can he do it?  Lost in this virtual reality, Wade must manage how to find the Egg, but the problem is, he can’t do it alone.